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Jan 19, 2003
London, England
This forum is designed for the discussion of all forms of digital (and sometimes analogue I'm sure) audio and music production and for all users from Garageband newbies to the 20-year recording veterans.

It's purpose is to discuss the production of audio, not iPods, the latest boyband or your CD collection, those topics are covered elsewhere.

There are many good resources for audio production on Macs, is perhaps the most useful, but it's been pointed out that they can be a little dismissive of newbies over there, and I'm hoping this will not be the case here.

Please search the forums before posting obvious questions like:

"Which is best: Logic, protools, DP4, Nuendo, Cubase, Reason etc..."?

as you will find a lot of discussion already in here.

Otherwise feel free to discuss, argue, explain and celebrate the making of music on Macs.

Usual forum rules apply. :D

Guidelines for Getting Help

Here's a brief list of ways in which you can assure that help threads created in this forum will be replied to and your questions answered in an expedient manner.

Thread titles -

Make sure you enter a descriptive thread title and that it indicates what you need help with.

Give enough info -

-Give details of the system the issue is happening with (hardware, OS version, etc.)
-Post a screenshot of the problem (if possible)
-Fully describe the circumstances in which you've tested it (multiple users, multiple machines, etc.)

Search first -

This forum is equipped with a very robust search system that can be used to find previous threads that might discuss what you're about to post. Check that your issue hasn't been discussed before starting a new thread.

Thanks to RowerCPU for the help guide.


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Jun 17, 2005
people here are definitaley newbee friendly, and for that i am very thankful.
someday i too will be a twenty year vet. in about twenty years...


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Nov 2, 2005
Atlanta, Georgia
Accoustic Guitar

There are many methods I've seen used and read about over the years for getting a good/true sound while recording accoustic guitars. If anyone has produced any exceptional sounding accoustic guitar, I would love to hear the details of how you accomplished it, whether you used mic(s), preamps, effects,compression, etc...

daily dave

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Jan 19, 2011
"could not mount"!!

An introduction:
I'm trying really hard to get this Apple thing down because I have faith that the Mac will be the machine I use to convert my analog music to digital.
Some back ground: I have a full analog studio in the basement, drums, guitars, keyboards, mixers, effects, 8 track reel to reel, pedals, etc.
I'm having trouble with the Mac part!
The machine is my third Apple. (iMac G4, OS 10.1.4 700 mhz). It was almost free. The others were a 54xx mac & a blue & white G3.
Before I go any further I should say that spending much money on this project is ABSOLUTLY out of the question. While I do have a job, Playing music is alot more important than my career choices so please try to resist offering advice like: I need an Intel G5 or a new Mac book.
So my problem is that when I tried to download and open Audacity I get back
Mount Image Could not mount "/audacity folder/audacity-macosx-ppc-1.2.6admg". OK
What is that supposed to mean? What is the Mac trying to tell me? The link is broken? there's something wrong with my computer?

If Macs are so simple and elegant and user friendly why is it so difficult. The machine is making me feel stupid.


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Jun 3, 2014
Digital Audio Device

This really helpful for whose want to enjoy on the out site room.This is use to enjoy when you alone.
Thank You.


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Jul 29, 2014
Hi guys,

Most you may think I am nuts, but I want to use what I have with little additional hardware expense hence this question.

1. I have an ipad2 with an Irig mic, works fairly well.

2. I also have a iMac 21" which has only USB ports.

3. What I want to do is to purchase a ipad camera connect kit, plug in into the ipad and use the irig mic into its regular headphone/mic jack. If I connect a USB cable between the apple CCK and the imac usb can I get the audio which the imac hears into the iMac ? Plan is to use it with Logic Pro X and garage band, so next question is how to configure audio streaming via Apple CCK to garage band and Logic Pro X.

Sounds crazy ? Will it work, cause all I then need to buy is a CCK which is much cheaper than all the external usb audio interfaces out there and I have seen benchmarks that the quality is rather great.

anybody with a similar setup ? Even if the apple internal mic can be recorded into garage band in this way the rest should work.

First time post, sorry if I sound stupid.



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Nov 29, 2014
Manila, Philippines
You really can't beat a soundcard. USB or FireWire, you can pick them up really cheap. Seems like a really round about way to achieve something really simple. Also, you'll be plagued with latency issues. Just go with a usb sound card.
Personally, I'd just stick with garage band. Its quite powerful for free software. Should be fine for what you need.


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Sep 23, 2015
HOLA! everyone and thank you for this wonderful subforum :) guess i should have scrolled down further to find this rather than posting in the mac OSX main forum
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