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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by maxthedrummer, Jul 23, 2010.

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    Ok so I'm in the market for a new digital camera. Something in the $250-$400 range. I'm looking for something that does great pictures and video. Many cameras nowadays say they do HD video but don't always work well with Mac. I've had a video camera in the past that says its compatible with Mac only to find later I had to go through a lengthy converting process using multiple applications. So ideally I would like a camera that takes HD video (that works with Mac easily), decent optical zoom, megapixels, shooting speed, etc. that you would want in a camera. Thanks for your advice.
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    You have to decide if you want a video camera that can take decent pictures, or a still camera that can take decent video. I have been unable to find something that masters both domains. If you get a still camera, for example, see whether it can do image stabilization while shooting video. If you get a video camera, you may find the startup and shot recovery time is inadequate.

    I have a Sony HDR-CX12 which is pretty okay. Between that and my iPhone 4 I've got my needs covered.
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    This is very true. Without stepping up to a high-end DSLR, it's going to be a compromise. But in this price range, I would suggest either going with a Canon or a Sony (so long as it has the Carl Zeiss lens). All the ones I've seen/played with have only been able to shoot 720p video though, and they did a pretty decent job with that.
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    are you looking for a DSLR or a handheld camera?
    Both may or may not take video, but if you get a dual cam get the video onto SD it helps in transfer times and speed.

    Stick with reviews, on brand names like Canon, Kodak, or Sanyo. If you take a cheaper camera it will have pixelated issues, and limited power.
    Always best to get what you pay for, instead of having buyers remorse.

    Check with your local Camera dealers, but don't commit to buying from them, they tend to be overpriced and try to hassle you into get extras.

    Just go anywhere they sell and try the models out. See what you like.

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