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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by jqc, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. jqc macrumors regular

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    Thinking of buying the Force Awakens Blu Ray - the first one I have bought in years; it contains a digital HD copy. The reality is I would have ripped Blu-Ray via handbrake anyway; just curious if anyone has thoughts on how the HD digital copies included in BRs hold up again a standard handbrake rip (i.e., ATV 3 preset) and/or buying from iTunes?

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    Nov 21, 2011

    Using handbrake would give you the opportunity to create a copy with better audio and less video compression than what is available on itunes. If you use the ATV preset I can't say for sure but my guess is that is is going to be close to an itunes download so you won't gain a lot by ripping the BR disc if you use the ATV preset vs just getting the itunes version.

    The Force Awakens has a Disney Digital HD copy of the movie. There is no longer a disc with an standard resolution version of the movie that you have to RIP to itunes like in the old days. The Disney digital copies are part of Disney Movies Anywhere so as long as you have an account, which is free, you can link it to any other digital seller: itunes, amazon, microsoft, google, Vudu. If you have everything linked and you buy a Disney movie like The Force Awakens on Vudu it will show up on your iTunes account and all other linked services. So, the digital HD version you get by buying the Blu ray of the movie is exactly the same as buying it on itunes including all special features available on itunes. I noticed that you get the itunes special features no matter where you buy the disney digital copy, on itunes, any of the other digital sellers or if you use the code that comes with the blu ray but to get the special features on VUDU you have to buy the movie in VUDU.
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    thanks for the reply but Im a bit confused, what do you mean by there is "no longer a disc with a standard resolution version" - isn't that what the blu-ray is?

    I've also noticed that encoding with HB using the ATV3 preset yields a much larger file than what the file is listed as on itunes, are you saying the overall quality is still about the same - (maybe iTunes has better compression techniques)s?

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    In the old days there was a second DVD that contained a 480p copy for iTunes. That's no longer the case; there's the Blu-ray, but the iTunes copy needs to be downloaded (and is in 1080p).
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    If you already have FCP 7, the last pro version, just keep using it, like production houses around the world. You don't need to sidegrade to X, but you can still use it for new jobs if you want. It's not a one or other situation. Just don't expect integration, roundtripping or professional features that were built up over many years based on professional needs. They might have kept the name, like Mercedes did with the A class, but they didn't dump the real cars at the same time.
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    With iTunes digital copy you will get all the extras. And I doubt you will notice any quality difference between it and handbrake

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