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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Henri Gaudier, Sep 6, 2005.

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    Henri Gaudier

    May 4, 2005
    Hello Can anyonre help me? After 20 years of Ataris and hardware synths I have recently bought Digital Performer 4.6 and it's proving difficult for my old head to get round after establishing a working method that has been essentially the same for 20 yrs. My biggest problem is with creating a new audio bundle for my FM7. My FM7 appears in the instrument list but it is greyed out and has 10.2 next to it. Absynth loaded fine and only the surround version is greyed out which is fine as I'm not interested in 5.1. But I cannot set up a new audio bundle that will work in with FM7. The manual says -

    Grayed out instruments in the sub-menu

    If an instrument is grayed out in the Instrument Track sub-menu, it means that there is no current audio bundle in the project that supports the instrument’s audio output format (quad, 5.1, etc.) Just create a bundle that matches its format, and it will become active in the menu. - but when I do create a new audio bundle nothing happens. Can anyone write an idiots step by step for me please. Thanks. Hail Pro 24!
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    Hi Henri,

    I'm not sure there are too many DP users here (although I'm quite happy to be wrong), you might get a quicker answer over at, although I'm sure someone'll be along shortly to help.
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    Another good message board for Motu stuff is, they seem to know their stuff over there.

    Good luck :)

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