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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by annk, Nov 14, 2005.

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    I want to get my folks a digital picture frame for Christmas. I´ve been searching a bit, and am having trouble finding models that can be used by transferring pictures from iPhoto to the frame´s memory via USB. Most of them seem to be dependant on already having the pics on a memory card, and that would be an unecessary extra step for my folks, making it less likely they´d enjoy the thing. Anyone have any particular models to recommend? So far, the Pacific Digital U-30281 5x7 MemoryFrame PV1 Personal Media Player seems to be the only option.

    I´d like to keep in under 300 dollars.
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    I was thinking of a similar gift myself, but have also come to the conclusion that they wouldn't update it, and thus wouldn't enjoy it as much as I would hope.

    One thing to consider. If they don't intend to keep it close to the Mac USB means that they have to move the whole picture frame down to where the Mac is, hook it up and upload the new pics. With pics on the memory stick, that is all that has to move.

    Ideal would be a Wifi or BT enabled frame ;) though you would want to make sure it's secure otherwise you never know what might show up :eek:

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    Jan 19, 2005
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    Yeah, that's the ideal. Wifi enabled so you can set it up with their wireless router, but allow you to control the content (from iphoto or otherwise). Give them some new pics every week or two.

    edited to add: oops, guess something like that is made:

    Heck, a MacMini and a cheap LCD could probably do the same thing for less.
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    Build one. Below is an old link of one with a Duo 280c. Update this to an iBook with either airport or ethernet and the frame can just pull the pics directly from their Mac's iPhoto library. You can probably find a clamshell iBook for under $200 on craigslist.

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