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Dec 6, 2009
Hey All,

Just a little background first. I recently opened up a small residential remodeling company, and I need a quality point and shoot camera. I need it to photograph my work, jobs that I have completed, before and after pictures etc.

I have been looking at the Nikon S630, but I have gotten mixed reviews on it, same with the Sony W290. Regardless I need a camera that will take very sharp detailed pictures, even in low light situations. I am looking to spend around $200 - $250, a little more if necessary.

I appreciate any help that I can get. Thank you and Merry Christmas!



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Sep 14, 2003
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Maybe a Panasonic or Canon. Nikon hasn't been known for their image quality in their point and shoots lately. Most of the current models haven't been well received.

DPreview is a good place to start
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