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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by JohnCalif, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. JohnCalif, Oct 23, 2015
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    This has been discussed extensively in another thread that was closed, so I will bring up another example of why this is useful.

    I purchased the Apple Watch in early July and immediately noticed this feature was lacking, but assumed an obvious oversight would be added in OS2. So I kept it instead of returning it.

    Having digital seconds on a digital clock is useful for sports requiring a rest period, such as when doing sprints or weight lifting sets, sometimes in a dimly lit gym. Also for doing activities such as foam rolling for so many seconds. I realize you can use the chronometer and go through the start-stop-reset sequence, but for me that's inconvenient. Also, looking at an analog minutes hand for a quick glance is also not convenient - was it 12 minutes or 13 minutes?

    I want the simplicity after lifting weights for a set and seeing the digital time as 14:16:45. If I need to wait 60 seconds, without pushing any buttons, I simply wait for 14:17:45.

    With the Apple Watch touting fitness functionality, it is surprising to me that this feature is not included, and as discussed elsewhere, apps are not allowed to provide this. If there were an app whose main function was something different, but it also had a screen with digital time that would also work.

    Not having this feature causes me to use a different watch for the gym, and that becomes my general watch in addition to the gym. I pretty much don't use the Apple Watch, though it is a neat gadget.
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    We can't even start a timer with a specific second on the iPhone.
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    True. I use ClockZ app on my iPhone that is a digital clock with seconds. I use it if I need to reset a clock and want it to be accurate. Not sure if this app has a timer. I have the free version - not sure with the other versions have.

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