digitizing books to use on iphone possibly tablet

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Raidersmojo, Jan 30, 2010.

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    hello everyone. I have a bunch of football manuals and books I have collected over a span of time and wanted to put them all on my computer as a way of having this information available all in one place and view anything at any time that I wish. what is the best way of doing this with a normal scanner? I have an HP touchsmart and was thinking about scanning and saving everything as a PDF file and arranging all the pages into one PDF file. is there an easy way to do this or an easy way to digitize everything without new equipment or destroying the books (binding unbinding)

    also is there going to be a program or something in the ipad to let you turn pages of books you digitize on your own? I doubt there is and I would have to use a PDF reader and that is fine, but just looking to get some more of the coolness factor out of the tablet (especially since no flash but I want it to view movies and use as a reader anyway especially for travel try lugging around some of these books their like college text books)

    if anyone could help out that would be huge. pointing me in the direction of another thread or starting one that could help out people like me.

    another off topic question. I am trying to rip a DVD and for some reason its only taking part of it off. I have tried using mac the ripper and handbrake but for some reason it won't fully come off. even in handbrake when all chapters are selected. any tips?

    sorry for the long post. just kinda new to this stuff.
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    The iPad will be using the ePub format, which is open source. It think it will likely handle PDF files just as well. There's some apps for Mac to create/edit ePub files. For your documents, I would just go with PDF for now. I'm sure more tools will emerge as we get closer to the iPad release.

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