Dilemma concerning iPhone 6 (possible error, not charged yet)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bonbon1017, Sep 23, 2014.

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    Backstory: I did everything I was supposed to. I preordered a 128gb iPhone 6 on 9/12/14 to pick up the phone in store on 9/19/14.
    My upgrade eligibility date as of the day I preordered was May 2013. I had my iPhone 5 for a whole two years.
    An amount for the discounted upgrade was held in my bank account, but that disappeared after a couple days

    Day of pick up: I walk into the store, show the guy my order number, he picks up the phone and brings it back out. When he tried to activate it, due to an error, the system wouldn't let him proceed. Basically, Verizon had changed my upgrade eligibility date to 9/19/16 thinking that I already upgraded my phone since I was scheduled to pick up on that day. The Verizon rep in the Apple Store wasn't any help. She had the Apple guy and me call Verizon customer service instead. On the phone, the verizon guy kept insisting that I had already upgraded so he can't change the date. I would have had to pay $900 for the phone because of Verizon's stupid error! The apple guy and I were trying to figure this out till past store closing time... When his system miraculously freed up and he had me sign on his little iPhone thing and sent me a receipt, after activating my phone.

    Dilemma: Saturday 9/20/14, I received my receipt from the Apple Store which stated that my pick up has successfully been canceled (?!!!) and I will be credited the amount I was charged for the phone within 30 days. Wth??
    Maybe the Apple guy accidentally clicked cancel pick up and the system freeing up was actually just allowing the cancelation process to go through? I have no clue!

    At this point, 9/23/14 my bank account still doesn't have the charge for the phone... And I'm afraid my stupid phone carrier will make me pay full price for a phone when I should have been able to upgrade... And I'm hoping that Apple will just take the correct amount that was originally charged to my account to begin with when I preordered.

    Did this happen to anyone else? People who have picked up in store after preordering, anyone have a similar situation? Is your card charged yet??
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    It seems like a common situation for pending charges to be dropped... But everyone who picked up their preorder has been charged already?

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