Dilemma with iPhone 4/iPhone 5?


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Aug 23, 2012
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Hi everyone, I have literally just joined, but could really do with help on this topic; I tried asking this question on the Apple support Forum but it was removed. :mad: :(

So my question is;
I think that we all know that the iPhone 5 (or what ever you want to call it) will be realised soon, their is a very strong rumour that the realise date will be 21st september. (I hope this is correct)

However my problem is im not sure if I should upgrade to the iPhone 5, im giong on a gap year to USA, Australia and South Africa and because my contract with o2 has run out, they are able to unlock it for me, this is so that I can use an AT&T sim while in USA and hopefully another sim in Australia and maybe another in South Africa (not sure about south africa). However when I went into the Apple Store the women at the geniuos bar said that the technology is there and ready for the iPhone 4. Also being a new phone it might get stolen, which I suppose is true but that could happen with any phone. Anyway I am very carefull with my Apple stuff, ive had this phone since the launch date and Its only got the odd scratch on the metal band, nothing more.

So as ive had this iPhone for just over 2 years now I am a bit fed up with it, I want something new and different (longest ive ever had a moible for). So before I go I really want to upgrade to the iPhone 5, but what do you think I should do? If my parents wont let me upgrade I want to send it to www.mendmyi.com so that I can have the battery and home button replaced (its stiff and when you double click for multi tasking it just takes you out of the app instead -_-). But my parents wont let me do that either!

Also if I have to keep if for another 7 months then its going to devaule further so I will get less and have to pay more for the upgrade when I come back. However because the girl at apple said that you have to have the contract for 7 months on o2 before they will unlock it, I thought about buying it from Apple because then its unlcoked anyway, but when you are buying a new iphone does apple make you pick out a contract then or upgrade then? Because thats not what I want becuase then I will be locked back into o2 again. So would I be able to buy the iPhone and just stick my sim from my iPhone 4 into the 5? But is it rumored that the next iPhone will have a smaller sim? So would I be able to ask apple to just swap the number over?

As you can see im very confused and could really do with some advice,

All advice is much appreciated, thanks.


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Jun 19, 2010
Get it unlocked, have Apple replace the battery, and you'll be all set. You'll be in another country, and have a lot more to worry about and enjoy than if you have the latest iPhone. Plus, LTE is not usually compatible from country to country, and the US is the only one with LTE, so just stick with 3G.


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Nov 23, 2013
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This guy unlocked my AT&T iPhone 4S when no one could. Great guy!! Will not disappoint you!


Sep 10, 2013
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This guy unlocked my AT&T iPhone 4S when no one could. Great guy!! Will not disappoint you!
15 month old thread, and you made your very first post by searching for this old thread, not to mention the OP is no where to be found...Interesting or is this some sort of sales pitch trolling...???