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    Nov 17, 2007
    Yey, I bought my MacBook Pro and I'll join the crowd and say "wow, it's really sexy".

    But here's the hard part for me. They didn't install Leopard on it but I do have the installation CD. Currently, it's running Tiger 10.4 with iLife 2008. So, any recommendations? Do I proceed with Leopard? I want to stick with Tiger 'cause I'll be bale to run CS2 on it (smoother anyway, though just as slow). Suppoes I do install CS2 on it and I get liveupdates for the Adobe softwares, will it still remain "up to date" when I intall Leopard?

    O, and also, whenever I increase the brightneed os the backlit LED on the keyboard, the "no parking" sign comes up even though in System Preferences, I have enabled the use for backlighting the keyboard. Please help! I have yet to explore the MacBook Pro in detail so I might update this threadwith more questions. Thanks in advance!
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    I, personally, am enjoying Leopard quite a bit. There are a few rough edges, so it's going to depend to some degree on whether you get lucky and/or the particular things you do with your computer are going to show the issues, but overall I think it's a worthwhile upgrade. You can always wait until, say, 10.5.2 before you jump.

    As for CS2: I was using CS1 on a computer with Leopard before I upgraded to CS3, and I can't say that it did anything more wrong than with Tiger. Still slow, as a result of Rosetta (that's a good chunk of the reason I went to CS3), but you already know that.

    Adobe CS(2/3) install a bunch of stuff in the system Library's Application Support folder; that's (as far as I know) the only important thing its installer does. On my system, doing an archive-and-install preserving users, it seems to have brought those files over properly, so I didn't need to reinstall CS after upgrading. Might be worth it to be SURE, but it's probably fine.

    On the backlight: Are you trying to adjust the keyboard backlight when the room is bright enough that it's automatically off? If so, that's the standard behavior--you can't adjust its brightness when it's not even on. Turn off the lights and see if it works then; if it does, you're fine. If not, then maybe start worrying.
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    Nov 17, 2007
    I think I'l lwait for the 10.5.2 release. But to get this update (on live updates) won't I have to encounter all the freezing issues as well? And when will I know if a 10.5.2 has been released because Apple's so bague with their update descriptions.

    I thoguht it had something to do with the Library. I just installed CS2 on Tiger and I got a long list of updates which I installed. Hopefully those wil lbe enough for the programs to run for a while without any bugs or so since Leopard won't be updating CS2.

    You were right, it works fine now:D

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