Dimensions of the Macintosh PowerPC G3 Outrigger Desktop.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by RileyIL77, Mar 2, 2011.

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    Hey everyone,

    I have a friend in Florida going to send me his old PowerPC G3 Outrigger desktop computer for the cost of shipping. I'm going to prepay the shipping for him. However it's hard to get a hold him of most the time. I know the PowerPC G3 Outrigger weighs 22 Lbs. However I also need the height, length, and width. I thought I would ask here as well, because I might get a response sooner. LOL! He's just slow at answering questions.

    I'm going to use MacOS X Tiger on the Outrigger, which I'm told can been done with 3rd Party Software.

    The only other Macintosh I've had was an old Performa 6200CD, which a friend gave me about 5 years ago, it just recently stopped working do to a power supply failure. I got to looking around for a new power supply, and most of them were around $85.00 to $125.00, for a computer which in modern times would only retail for around $10.50. So, I scrapped it. Took out my 4 Gig SCSI, my NIC card, the daughterboard, and then I threw out the rest. A friend of mine called me about 3 months ago, and offered me $75.00 for the daughterboard to go into his empty Power Macintosh 7100 case. So, I jumped on the deal. But ever since that Performa I fell in love with Macintosh computers, and don't feel right without having one sitting here on my desk next to my home brewed PC.


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    Dimensions in inches for each G3 are listed over at EveryMac.com.
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    Hamilton, Alabama

    Thanks so much! You are awesome. I thought they were listed somewhere on the net, I just couldn't remember where. Thanks again.
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    Google is your friend.

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