*dire straits* Forced iTunes Migration to new drive -AKA- Time Capsule !@#$%^& sucks

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    Jul 18, 2001
    Ok....... here's 50+ hours of bull put into a few sentences...

    56+ HRS AGO

    200 GB iTunes library resides on Time Capsule :rolleyes:
    Time Capsule 2 days ago decided to **** the bed :mad:

    Called :apple: no help - read some :confused:
    Pray'ed to Disk Utility - read some more :eek:
    Called :apple:.... Still no help. :(

    Went to work where there is an XServe

    On the way to work, called :apple:..... told them I was voiding the warranty and asked for advise on salvaging data...... they told me to take it to the :apple: Store to be replaced...... Again, Still no help.

    long story short, used XServe Bay / DiskWarrior to "recover" drive.... mostly... phew..

    Went out and bought a 2 TB Studio whatever IIVI with Raid 1 so this will (crosses finger) :hopefully: never happen again :)

    Attached is a picture of where I am at for your amusement

    After screwing around with itunes for a while, I consolidated the library...... or so I thought...

    I have two drives

    Zac's Time Capsule :)mad:)
    MyBook :)))

    FASTFORWARD to 24 hrs ago

    NOW here's the issue...

    When Z's Time Capsule is plugged in, all my music plays (duh)

    Not all the music (LINKS) AFTER I Carbon Copy Cloned the old to the new and remigrated, reconnected, reconsolidated whatever the hell else you want to say, points to the MyBook

    So now I have a situation where some music LINKS resides on the MyBook (I'd say 80%) and the rest on the Time Capsule.....

    Keep in mind I did check and ALL the music is there...... the links just don't point to the right place.....

    ALSO: when trying to consolidate to the mybook, I get an error 75% of the way through about permissions..... used iRepair AND batchmod to make sure everything was R/W to me AND admin (same but whatever) so I simply just cannot consolidate it....

    ok.... so at this point your either laughing or saying he's :p screwed,

    Do I: (starting over unfortunately isnt a great recommendation with over 100 playlists....... im picky sorry)

    1) (just because I like testing my limits as you can tell..... :sarcasm:)

    Copy the iTunes folder to the mybook and then go into itunes and :confused: repoint the directory let it hopefully update and trick it into thinking its the same drive?

    2) Repoint everything back to the Time Capsule and then make a new folder on the mybook and THEN reconsolidate again?

    3) :insert suggestion here:

    4) just say :mad: it and redoeverything over (last ditch attempt)

    Thanks everyone in advance,


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  2. Zyniker macrumors 6502

    Feb 14, 2008
    So...basically you're saying, in so many words, that RAID V/VI/etc or, at the very least, some sort of backup plan is a good idea with 'vital' data?
    I think most of us knew this! ;)

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