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    OSX seems to have some functionality to detect and prevent accidental clicks. I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug. If it's the former, is there a way to disable it?

    The best way I can describe/demonstrate what I'm talking about is to open a menu, then click away to close the menu, then try to click in the same spot again. The second click on the thing under the cursor doesn't register. Even if you move the mouse a little, it still doesn't register. Sometimes even moving the mouse away quickly, then back isn't enough. You need to actually click somewhere else first. e.g.,

    - Open Finder and show the toolbar.
    - Right-click the toolbar and choose customize.
    - Click to open the "Show" menu in the bottom left (the "icon only," etc. menu).
    - With the menu still expanded, click the "done" button. The menu will close.
    - Without moving the cursor, click the "done" button over and over. Nothing happens.

    Here is a video of the above procedure: https://vid.me/umvn
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