General Disable badges for one app only (not from NC settings, on iOS 7)

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by alkalifly, Apr 26, 2014.

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    Does anybody know of an iOS7-compatible way that I can prevent a single app from showing badges, when that app does not appear in the Notification Center settings?

    CallLogPro is a great cydia app/tweak, but has one serious flaw: the springboard icon shows a badge for every missed call, but the icon for my phone app already shows me the missed call badge! So one single missed call ends up causing badges on two springboard icons at the same time :(

    CallLogPro does not show up in the Notification Center settings, so I cannot disable badges from there, and there is no option from within the app itself. In fact, the developers of the program replied to an email inquiry to confirm that "There is no way to turn off the badges … as of now there is no plan in our roadmap to provide that feature"

    I found some cydia tweaks that look like they would help me (specifically, Badges Begone and one that is just called Badges), but none of them seem to work on iOS7.

    Any suggestions?
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    Search in Cydia for AnyBadgePro, this tweak will let you do this. Awesome tweak anyway, you can even set custom badges for apps.

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