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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by zeemeerman2, May 28, 2010.

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    When playing a heavy game (like Labyrinth 2), sometimes the game suddenly pauses and a message pops up. "The battery has reached 20%" or something in the like. (my system language is Dutch, so loosely translated... :rolleyes: )

    Quitting the game thereafter, and doing something relatively light, like listening to music or having a lightweight app open such as FFStream (radio player), a few minutes later I again get the message about the battery reaching 20%. This is very annoying.

    Of course, I understand why it pops up twice (or thrice, four times even). Say on a MacBook, if you have a heavy application opened (like World of Warcraft), playing in Windowed mode, you can see that the battery has 1 hour and 30 minutes left. That translates in say e.g. 40 % on the iPod Touch. In a %-view on the Mac, however, it shows e.g. 60 %. (example needed for below)
    When closing World of Warcraft, you have a sudden increase of battery life left - without an heavy app open, you don't lose so much battery life anymore. As example, say you have then 3 hours and 0 minutes left, it'll translate into 80% left. (40% = 1.5 hours, so 80% = 3 hours) On the Mac side, however, it still shows 60% correctly as before.

    Therefore, when closing a heavy app on the iPhone just below your battery life reached 20%, the battery life "increases" by 5% or so. And therefore, when having 25% battery life, you'll be showed the warning message again when the battery is calculated again onto 20%.

    How can I disable the message that the battery has reached 20%? Following Apple's marketing message (There's an app for that!) I'd thought to post it here.
    Of course, since it changes a system preference, I have no problem with the app being a Cydia/Rock app (App store app is okay too :D).

    And if the message can be moved to another percentage (like 5% on a Macbook), I'm happier more than ever.

    Please comment.
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