Disable Notification Previews on Lock Screen


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Sep 23, 2014

How do I turn off previews on notifications that pop up on my locked screen?

I want to know what messages I have, and who they are potentially from, but I do not want the content there.

When I go to Settings > Notifications > *Application* (e.g. WhatsAp, or Gmail)

The only options I have are:
- Allow Notifications
- Show in Notifications Centre
- Sounds
- Badge App Icon (what ever this means?)
- Show on lock screen (All or nothing??)
- 3 Alert styles to choose from

What happened to the 'Preview' slider from ios7 ???

Has this been removed? Is there anything that can do the same thing or are we stuck with the 'all or nothing' setting of 'Show on Lock screen'?

This seams like an obvious setting a lot of people would want to change, and was available in previous versions of IOS from my quick googling.


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Jan 10, 2008
Scroll down below "alert style when unlocked" options.

You'll see them for messages anyway. For Whatsapp you customize it in the app itself.


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Sep 23, 2014
there is nothing there. as I said.

the only app that has anything below that 'alert stye when unlocked' section is iphone Messages.

what about whatsapp, hangouts, viber, gmail, facebook, messenger... ??

The only way I see is to turn 'show on lock screen' off, and that means I get nothing?? That is ridiculous.

Maybe apps need to be updated for the new IOS for this setting?

AndyK - there is no settings in the app itself, none for wattsapp anyway (just takes you straight to the screen mentioned in original post).... do you actually have an iphone with IOS8 and these apps or are you just guessing?


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Apr 12, 2012
Apple have never provided this as a generic option for notifications, only for a few stock apps like messages.

If you are lucky, other apps will provide an option in the app.

Otherwise you need to press the app developers to make this an option, or press Apple to make it a generic option.
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