Disable Top Menu, Dock and Hotspot in Full screen VirtualBox

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    Aug 26, 2012
    hi all

    Wondering if there is a solution to this..

    When In virtual box fullscreen mode, is there a way to disable the top menu, dock and hotspots in OSX from activating when you go top, bottom or corner of the screen?

    ie. I want to go to the top, bottom or corner of my guest VM, not the host OSX
    , but the OSX features keep popping up

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    Jun 8, 2007
    Menu bar of OS X

    I can not think of a way to disable it. I should not attempt to do so.

    Dock of OS X host

    You could try automatically, or routinely, changing its position – from the bottom, to one side – before taking the VirtualBoxVM (guest) full screen.

    Hot corners in OS X host

    I wonder whether they can be automatically disabled before taking the guest full screen, automatically re-enabled after escaping from full screen …


    I assume that Automator.app can be used to control at least the position of Dock.


    It's not the answer you want, but if you'll regularly go full screen with a VirtualBoxVM then I reckon it'll be good to find an alternative to hot corners.

    Does the hardware with your Mac support gestures?

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