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    I know there's probably nothing anyone here can do but I'd like to share this story and see if others have had any similarly frustrating experiences.

    On Thursday my partner's Apple ID got disabled for unknown reasons. She requested a password reset email but never received one after checking all junk, trash etc. inboxes. So we thought maybe she had a recovery email address set on her account which she no longer used (perhaps a university one). She didn't know the security questions/answers so finally called Apple support on Saturday. She easily and successfully confirmed her identity by reading back the code that appeared on her iPad and with card details. She received a bunch of emails from Apple during the call (eg thanks for contacting Apple, you've requested a password reset etc.). The final instruction on the call and in the last email she received was to wait for an email in precisely 24 hours which would allow her to reset her password.

    24 hours and a bit later this last crucial email had still had not arrived - and yes we checked all folders in her account - so she rang again and went through the same process. They confirmed the email had actually been sent but agreed to send another. This time she specified a second email address, her work. This time both her home and work accounts received emails during the call but again both failed to receive the final email 24 hours later. The two accounts are unrelated and have different passwords and there is no sign of suspicious activity on them.

    We are at a loss and just hope it is a technical issue on Apple's end, but are also worried all her accounts may be comprised or something bizarre. Although that doesn't make sense, because the Apple ID is still disabled so it's not like someone is recovering the account and then deleting the emails.

    Anyway, just wondered if anyone has been through this with their password reset email not being received after trying up to 3 different avenues??? And what to try next other than just try the same thing again?

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    when you go to iforgot.apple.com u have two choices after entering AppleID..

    Email notification to address on file, and answering security questions.

    Maybe the email on file is different ? if so, that would explain why u never receive email since Apple would send password reset to email on the account associated with that AppleID.

    If she don't know security questions, the only other choice would be to call Apple, verify the account and ask to to reset (which will blank them out), so she can access the account again. then change password.
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    Thanks for your reply. As I mentioned she already rang Apple 3 times. Each time they went over the email addresses they were sending them to, checking for spelling, and they were all correct. Like I said, all other emails detailing the process were received (eg 'you've requested a password relate') but the final email to actually reset it wasn't coming through.

    But good news, it finally came through on the third attempt!

    I saw another very recent post on the Microsoft community forums about Apple password reset emails not coming through and so think it may have be a Microsoft mail server issue- her home email is hotmail and her work one is hosted by office365. Thankfully it's resolved now.

    Now I will make sure she sets up the security better :D

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