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    Aug 9, 2008
    Does anyone know if it is possible to disable the application updates? There are some apps i have that I dont want to update such as phonesaber. I would prefer to keep the original. Others I updated crashed. The original works better. But the silly update # in the corner of my app screen is getting annoying. I would like to turn it off. Plus I would like a way to tell apple to ignore the apps. I am afraid that i will hit the update all button one of these days and then I am screwed. It would be nice to have selective updates and the ability to check updates at my leisure.

    Any thoughts?
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    Take those Apps that you do not want to update and move them or a copy of them to another folder. Now you have a copy.

    Update all of your Apps as normal. Delete those apps in iTunes that you do not want to use the updated version and then drag and drop the old version back into your Applications folder in iTunes. This leaves your backups in the backup folder for later but still puts the old version back on your iPhone. Do not sync your iPhone until all the above is done, this way it does not remove or update those apps that you want to stay old.

    Good Luck

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