Disabling Single User Mode 10.6.8

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Macman671, Oct 14, 2013.

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    My son has recently figured out that by holding "command" "s" on the keyboard while the computer is starting up you can create a whole new administrator account and then proceed to bypass all of the parental controls I have installed. I'd really like to be able to have a step by step process on how to disable single user mode so u can no longer access it by holding command s. I don't have the startup disk so I can't put a firmware password on it so if there is another way could someone please let me know, I have mac os 10.6.8 snow leopard and have found methods on disabling single user mode on earlier versions but not this one. I know it is probably not a good idea to disable but honestly I don't care I'm more concerned that my children can browse whatever they want. Please advise.
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    As mentioned a firmware password is the way to go, but you will need the OS installer DVD to do this. Another option would be to update to Mountain Lion if your machine supports it. Then you could command-r boot to the recovery screen and set a firmware password from there.

    Mavericks is right around the corner so you might want to wait until after the October 22 Apple event to see if they announce a release date.
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    As is frequently the case with these sorts of enquiries, the best solution may not be a technical one.

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