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    Dec 24, 2011

    I work at a place where we do a lot of renderings. Basically editing TV shows to make them compatible with Youtube and Hulu. Usually the shows have about 130 to 300 episodes creating their double amount in files. We have about 30 4 terabites hard drives.

    Now, during the year we have been noticing that, lets say, I make 130 renders in mp4 and 3 renders are corrupted. We redo those 3 and place them with teh rest of the episodes, but a month later those 3 episodes appears corrupted again.

    Then, if a show has to be renamed by adding a word, lets say: Married-with-children_001 (to 160) for married_with_children_001. A week later the entire batch appears with the original Married-with-children_001.

    Is something very random. Even we have name in CAPITALS for all the titles of the TV shows in a list and last week I was making a chnage and the name switched to "regular" size font.

    We are using 2 iMacs and 7 Mac Minis, with leopard and snow leopard and probably maveriks.

    But it have been frustrating because when we have something ready to deliver the person who is going to do the final transfer finds missing files and bad names.

    Is like if the OS is not updating the latest info in the hard drive directory, it pretends it does but not really.

    Actually I remember deleting a 5GB file and the file size of the drive didn't increase that amount. Strange.

    Any ideas?
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    What format are your hard drives in?
    There are both case-sensitive and case-non-sensitive Mac formats, as well as whatever DOS does with case.
    Your Macs may be renaming files so as to be compatible with different HD formats.
    You'll need to check all 30 hard drives.

    Naturally, despite being a lot of work, this might not be the cause of your troubles.

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