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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Billz, Jan 2, 2008.

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    I have an 18 month old MacBook Pro 15" and last week it just wouldn't turn on. Long story short, I called up Apple and they said they would probably have to replace the logic board. After DHL first delivered my empty box 4 days late to the wrong address and then they delivered the second box 2 days late to me. I sent it in a couple days ago and checked the status online today and find that it says on hold, more information is needed. I call them up and they say it had liquid damage to it. This is impossible as I babied this thing. I never eat or drink near it at all. I've never let anyone use it either as it was very expensive. I requested they send pictures of the liquid "damage" and they said I would have to call tomarrow morning because the department is closed for the evening. They quoted a repair of $600 plus tax :(:confused: I have never had this by water, though it did spend some time in a hotel room in hawaii when I was there on vacation. I don't think that would do it though. I am really at a loss of what to do. Have any of you dealt with this kind of problem in the past? Please tell me how it turned out. Thanks,

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    Aside from DHL's not having anything to do with AppleCare problems...

    Assuming there was liquid damage to the MBP (and I am certainly not suggesting you caused it), you are right in insisting Apple demonstrate by what means they determined that there is that kind of damage. I don't know if a sufficiently high humidity environment (like Hawaii) would trigger the tell-tales. Here's the nasty little rub, though. Liquid damage has fairly specific indicators (particularly if Apple uses moisture tell-tales in all their equipment), and if that damage is present, the service folks have no leeway in believing you or not. They simply cannot fix it as a warrantee repair, period. The problem is that most folks aren't as honest as you, and would claim "no liquids have been anywhere near it!" after spilling a bottle of Gallo on it. Consequently, we all suffer. The other option (assuming you can't gain relief through Apple) is a homeowner's or renter's policy claim.

    I for one would definitely demand very specific proof of their claim of liquid damage, though.
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    Similar BS with HP, but I guess I'll share the story.

    I sent in my laptop in July to fix the LCd screen and fan cause it was making a lot of noise.. they send it back and they only fix the screen... so I'm like ok... what the hell? I call them up and they "forgot" to fix it, so they issue another claim and its sent in again.

    3 weeks later, they tell me I spilt something on it. Was I ever PISSED. They sent me a picture and it was brown... kinda like coffee. I'm 18, I do not drink coffee, I think it tastes like crap actually.

    SO, I kept complaining and all, but they didn't believe me. Eventually, I was like "whatever just send it back"

    They send it back and I see even MORE problems with it.

    1. One USB port doesn't work
    2. BRAND NEW LCD that they changed during the 1st repair, DAMAGED!
    3. Network card SWAPPED (I swear to god, to a 2100b (YES B, card!) There was a 2200b/g in it. It read as 2100.

    My product was seriously tampered with, and there's enough proof.

    I've been calling like every month to HP, they say that I'll get someone to call me back... yeah right. My dad wanted the laptop he said he was going to buy it off me for $200 and try to fix it. I gave it to him and bought my Macbook.

    I actually called a few weeks ago! And they said that someone would call, nope, no one called. I'm really REALLY close to suing this bloody company.

    Anyways thats my rant. Hopefully your issue is resolved. Best of luck.
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    Ask Apple
    Good luck with that - you are not the first I've heard of with this issue. When I ship things, I wrap them in a trashbag, just in case they leave it in the rain. From what I understand, and this could be wrong, but Apple will not give proof to you - is basically our way or the highway, and if you don't like that then we'll see you in arbitration. With that said, this seems to be SOP with many makers, so Apple is not alone here.
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    I have always purchased AppleCare for my Apple products, but with my latest purchase of a MB, I purchased the Best Buy 3 year PSP with Accidental Damage and Handling coverage. The deciding factor for me was the liquid damage issue.

    I am hoping to keep my MB out of trouble, but we shall see if the BB PSP/ADH is, indeed, better than Applecare.

    Have you tried planetfeedback.com to complain? PFB is a great tool to get "heard" by corporate offices in each major company.

    Check it out, and best of luck to you!
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    unfortunately its their word against yours. It helps to know someone that works for apple, or a apple certified technician. it is MUCH easier to get claims and replacements done. I have a friend working in my university's tech department (which works closely with Apple) and I always get my replacement parts (new battery and magsafe) in a quick manner, because I know my friend well and he knows that I take care of my computer well.

    try sending an email to sjobs.
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    It's also possible that hotel staff spilled something on it while you were out and they were cleaning your room.
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    Unfortunately that's not his email address.

    Anything that contains steve, initials of S or J or Jobs in, gets forwarded straight to head office, which usually means it's out of any local store's hands, who are usually much much more lenient than head office.

    Trust me!
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    Well I got off the phone with them and basically they said the DC in board is bad. I am going to replace that myself. They also said it needs a new keyboard and topcas, but the keyboard is so worn out it needed to be replaced anyway. The paint is really wearing off badly on the keys, so much so, some of the letters are illegible. Thanks to all who replied.

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    A friend of mine bought an iMac from Future Shop in Toronto (owned by Best Buy), and bought a similar in-store warranty, instead of Applecare. I told him about my wife's experience filing a claim against them on a digital camera. It wasn't a bad experience, but there was two points he should be aware of.

    1. When brought in for repair, Future Shop will try to fix within 60 days. If they cannot, they will replace. This was TRUE, except they took the full 60 days to decide to replace her camera.
    2. Once replaced, she had to REPURCHASE the warranty ($50 CDN) for it to apply to the new camera. It is a single-use policy.

    OTOH, I like the idea of Accidental Damage covereage. Perhaps both would work for little ol' clutzy me.
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    Not happy with apple care... join the club buddy
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    I never said that was his actual email.. :)

    i know its an email to "higher tier" support.
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    I had a similar episode with my wife's computer in July, 07. Apple said "liquid damage" when we know that the computer was never in contact with any liquids (or inclement weather). See my Post July, 2007 (my user name) - search it. You'll see that I persisted and eventually Apple changed their mind and fixed it. Good Luck.
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    If only I had the time to share all the apple care/apple store stories I have heard

    I have heard the horrible stories over and over. My brother and I are very happy to help people who have had issues with apple. We were told that we could not even communicate with customers about what apple told them LOL!!!!! Pathetic!
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    Too funny...that's what I feel like doing to mine...but I won't. :)
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    Ok, slightly off topic, but related story: at the Apple Genius Bar last week, a guy comes in next to me with his iBook, he puts it on the counter and says something about the hard drive being broken and making clicking sounds. The Genius starts taking off the keyboard to get to the hard drive and right there are big droplets of brown liquid which I'm pretty sure are coke. He then spends the next 5 minutes insisting it isn't water damage, and saying that he read "stuff on the internet about hard drives breaking" when clearly he has no clue. :D
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    I've always purchased applecare for my apple products (excluding ipods), and I've had two very positive experiences to date. That being said, my current mbp has a few minor cosmetic flaws from being carried in a backpack and I'm terrified that if I have to send it in for repair, apple will just say I dropped it. I know it wasn't dropped, but I can certainly see how they could come to that conclusion.

    My friend's mb really was dropped and suffered major damage. Apple of course told him he would have to pay for the repair, and he declined, fixing the broken hdd himself and deciding to live with the lack of sound. But I want to know what happens if something else happens to it in the future?

    It seems to me that there should be a certification process somewhere. Despite a couple dings, my mbp is working perfectly and I'd like apple to verify that, so any future problems will be covered by applecare.
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