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    my wife knocked my series 2 off the bedside table last night and smashed the screen.
    I know I know I should have got AppleCare but when I purchased it I really couldn't afford it and I am kicking myself now. The purchase was to motivate me to run more after being diagnosed with PTSD and it worked very well to be fair.

    So a few questions it's about six months since I purchased the device. Can I pay Apple to replace it and then purchase Apple care on the new item?

    With the series three due next month is it likely the replacement costs will drop soon?
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    Relentless Power

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    You can pay Apple out of pocket to repair the display, but you cannot purchase AppleCare after the repair, being its six months old, which is past the time line with Apple Care. (If I am understanding you correctly).

    "When you buy AppleCare+ with your Apple Watch Edition or Apple Watch Hermès, you're covered for three years from the original purchase date of your device. You can buy AppleCare+ within 60 days of the purchase."

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    You didn't mention where you're located at but you can exchange the Watch for a part of the original price and get a refurbished one at the Apple Store. For the US, you can look up the prices here:


    The repeair costs will likely drop when the Series 3 is released but I wouldn't expect too much. I'd guess around 30 to $40 for a series 2.
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    Jan 9, 2017
    From experience the only way you can tell the replacement is a refurb is the packaging that they get the device out the warehouse in. My replacement was in perfect condition
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    watch screens are $229 from that link


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