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    Education discount or Military discount.

    does anyone know which discount is more? Which one will save me more money. :confused:

    I asked a rep in live chat from the apple site about what discounts they have and they said, sorry i don't know...we don't have access to that kind of information. wtf? isn't that what you're there for. to know everything and answer peoples questions.
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    Oct 11, 2007
    Have you looked into the Apple Developer Connection? (ADC), I believe Military and Higher education are the same until you get to software, where Higher Ed is a better deal, But seriously look into ADC do a search, Someone made an awesome sticky.
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    from my own messing around i think i've come to the conclusion that military is better for the computers (education better for software). they trick you ;) when you're logged into apple trying to use an education discount it looks like it's cheaper than the military.....they don't take off as much when you're logged in with the military discount...but when you get to the checkout part there is nowhere to enter your zip for tax, there's no tax. so the military discount ends up being cheaper. i used for that....which transfers you to apple with a discount. because that's the first thing that popped up in google when i searched for "apple military discount".
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    Jan 20, 2007
    hmmmm that is interesting! Makes sense the military would get out of taxes though... That doesnt' affect me but will affect quite a few of my friends in the military.

    The more you know.... :)

    P.S. the south of the US doesn't suck! Granted.... there are some stereotypical people that are a little odd in some places, but it's BEAUTIFUL in many parts! :) Geographically speaking, the south has some really nice weather and some very beautiful landscapes :p
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    Nov 9, 2007
    This is normal. The front line pawns (sales reps) know nothing. At this point of my horrible experience with 1-800 my apple, I think I know more than all of them combined. Call again, but as soon as you reach the pawns, immediately ask for the supervisor to clarify your issues. Remember to get the supervisor's name and telephone number plus extension, and document the date of the conversation, and tell him/her you will call back if you need to follow up.

    Then repeat. You need the presentations of two different supervisors to crosscheck that the information you're getting is accurate. Don't waste your time with the pawns.

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