Discover on Apple Pay Poorly Supported?

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    Jun 28, 2010
    Just curious what everyone else out there is seeing, but I've had a handful of issues over the past six months or so with my Discover It card on Apple Pay. All the other cards (Amex, Visa, etc. from various issuers) seem to work almost flawlessly both with NFC readers at stores and within apps. Here's just a few issues I've seen:
    • Meijer has had NFC for awhile and other cards have always worked fine...something recently caused Discover cards to show a "card read error" on the terminal and not work. I've had two other people besides myself notice this at 3 locations recently. Other cards work fine.
    • Target's app supports in-app purchases with Discover, but when you go through with it, it fails with "Not enough information" - I gave up and used a different card.
    • Meijer's gas stations apparently don't like my card/account specifically…the NFC readers on the pump ask if it's debit or credit and then decline immediately (Discover doesn't even see an attempt). What gets me is that my friends in the first bullet point don't get this prompt and go right to the zip code verification screen. Numerous calls to Discover have yielded nothing, even when I've shared the known-working account.
    • So many apps don't support it, and that seems to be on the developers, not necessarily Discover.
    For the issues with card reads and such, I've tried the remove/re-add process and it seems it's something with my account (or all accounts). I certainly am not going to ditch my Discover card and account over this, but it is sort of annoying that they took their time to get on board and there are so many hiccups. Plus, it reflect badly on Apple Pay as a service, if people don't have other cards to compare the experience to.

    Meanwhile, when it comes to Apple Pay, my go-to card is a Visa issued by my bank (better rewards on general purchases anyway, but no notifications other than texts), or an Amex (they seem to have the best overall experience, at least with notifications and app experience).

    So, as I was getting at - has anyone else had some weird issues with a Discover card and Apple Pay?
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    I am also having the same issue with Discover It card on Apple pay at Meijer store. I have been seeing this issue since July 10. Initially i thought it was due to iOS 10 but even after i downgrade to iOS 9.3.4 still having the same issue. Not to sure if it is a meijer or discover issue. I haven't called meijer or discover support yet. I talked to a CSR at meijer store and she did mentioned that they are working on upgrading their system to accept the new cards with chip but shouldn't effect Apple pay at all.
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    Jul 21, 2010
    Well i just called Discover and informed them about the Apple pay issue with Discover It at meijer and asked them to fix it ASAP.
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    Haha - I called Discover, they were going to look into it and pass it along to "corporate" and took down the addresses of the locations - made sure my card was set up properly as a precaution. They suggested I call Meijer, too, so I did if anything to just record it as an issue.

    The lady was helpful, but admitted to being more familiar with Android "Maybe Apple had an update?" and was going to note it with their system admins. She also said the next time it happens that I could ask someone at the store, as they could pass it along to the person who manages the payment system in that store.

    Still doesn't fix the apps that are missing in-app support...;)

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