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Jun 1, 2011
The “DiSH SOS” iPhone App Throws A GREEN Recipe Life-Line To Busy People
The first iPhone application from DiSH SOS, offers 100’s of recipes based on 3 ingredients from your cupboard.
DiSH SOS App, heroically rescue’s any city worker or busy mum that is ‘drawing culinary blanks’, whilst staring into their cupboard wondering what on earth to cook. But most importantly, it helps save the planet and improve the environmental waste.
According to Southwark Council reports, ‘Wasting food costs the average family £420 a year, as about a third of all food we buy ends up being thrown in the bin, If we all stopped wasting food that could have been eaten, it would have the same environmental impact as taking 1 in 5 cars off UK roads’. DiSH SOS wants to ‘encourage people to be more conscious about the expiration of the food they have and to use our App to help explore new ways to use it’, reports Mattia Cabras, the DiSH SOS App Owner.
The concept revolves around three wheels that spin, as do the fruit on a slot machine but instead of images of fruit, each wheel represents a list of protein, veg or carbs. It takes seconds to launch delicious recipes based on your choices. Each recipe hosts easy to follow instructions, and allows you to share them via Twitter, Facebook or Email. This well designed ‘GREEN life-saver’ should save you valuable time and effort, which could be better spent, relaxing with family or friends after a hard day at work. It is every cook’s secret weapon after a demanding day.
It is easy to use, fun but most importantly, something that you can access without a network signal and therefore could be used whilst commuting to work, while collecting the kids after school or laying in the bath after a long exhausting day” he continues. “The only function that requires a network is the Maps which searches for local food stores based on your postcode”.
The App offers hassle free recipe browsing without being bombarded with adverts. Nor do you require an online account to a social networking recipe site. At *$1.99, it’s cheaper than buying a stack of recipe books and quicker than browsing the Internet. The bonus fun features add to the enjoyment of a process that after a long day at work, could normally churn out the same meals that we often cook on autopilot;
-********* A shake function, where the user shakes the phone to launch a inspirational list of recipes
-********* A local map of all food stores selling missing ingredients
-********* The Food Timer
-********* A handy Shopping List to jot down your weekly requirements
-********* A Shopping Basket that saves the ingredients of any recipe to your iPhone
-********* Links to Facebook, Twitter and your email account, allowing you to share your recipes with friends
The application is loaded with culturally diverse recipes, allowing you*try cuisine from around the world, along with dietary and lifestyle options for vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers, carb free and kosher dishes.
For more information or a free iPhone voucher, contact Delaine Walker on Or follow the links:
Website -
Twitter -!/DiSHSOSapp**************
Facebook -
You Tube -

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