Disk Allocation Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by MacKenzie999, Apr 8, 2008.

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    Jan 24, 2002
    Hi everyone...

    My new PowerMac has been buggier than any Mac I've ever owned (and I've been Apple's bitch since the 80's). It's at the point where I feel I need to do a root canal...I mean a clean install.

    I suspect the cause of some of the problems I've been experiencing is the way I've spread files across the four internal hard drives, and I'm looking for recommendations as to the best way to allocate things.

    There are two 320gb drives, one of which came with the system. There is also a 160gb drive, and a 1tb drive (which I use for Time Machine).

    I am the only user of this machine, and I do graphic animation using After Effects and most other Adobe apps. I mention this because I routinely generate large files and folders in my work.

    I suspect the following folders' disk locations may have something to do with my performance issues: current projects (usually around 100gb at any given time), fonts, applications.

    Should all of these be on the same disk the OS lives on, or should they be spread out? It often feels like I have to wait an unusual amount of time for discs to spin up when accessing info. This Mac is a beast, and I laugh at how quickly it manages complex After Effects renders, but basic Finder chores seem slow.

    What also strikes me as odd is changing apps. For example, if I select the already-running Firefox in the dock, it will switch to the appropriate Space, but the actual Firefox window will not be selected, even if there's only one window open. Minor but annoying, and feels like an error of some sort.

    Should everything be located in my Username directory? If so, does this work across multiple disks (and if so, how)?

    I'd like to avoid partitioning if possible, as that has caused me nothing but trouble in the past. I consider my degree of knowledge as just enough to be dangerous. Yes, I've been a Mac guy since the 80's, but I'm also more artist than power-nerd. Be gentle with me.

    Running the latest Leopard on a 2x2.8 Quad Core Xeon with 6gb RAM.

  2. FireSlash macrumors member

    Nov 11, 2007
    Run a hardware test. It sounds like one of your drives might be failing. The location of files shouldn't matter.

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