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Discussion in 'iPod' started by pjkelnhofer, Nov 9, 2006.

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    I have a simple question that I have been trying to find an answer on-line to with no luck. If I set my iPod to Disk Mode will this stop it from try to sync with iTunes on the computer which I then plug it into.

    I put a rather large file on my iPod (since I don't have a DVD burner) so that I could move it to a friends computer. However, I am paranoid that when I plug it into her MacBook Pro it is automatically going to try to sync to her iTunes library. I know that holding down Command-Option when plugging it in should stop it from Auto-syncing, but I am still very nervous. I have several gigs on it that I manage manually. So if it starts trying to sync up, it will undo hours of picking and choosing what I want on my iPod.

    So I ask my question again, so long as the iPod is in Disk Mode will iTunes not try to sync to it?
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    You can put an iPod into Disk Mode or you can keep an iPod as is, and Enable Disk Usage which will let you use the remaining space on your iPod for miscellaneous data. If it's the former, it won't try to sync with your friend's library. If it's the latter, you will be asked by the new machine whether you want to sync with that library but you get the option to politely decline. Henceforth, it shouldn't ask you when you plug the iPod into your friend's machine. :)

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