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Discussion in 'macOS' started by one1, Mar 13, 2008.

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    I burned a disk on Tiger containing a zip of my HD apps for backup. About 6 months later the computer went down and I had to recover portions of it using my XP desktop to extract some of the programs. After that I zipped everything to a disk image using a windows program.

    Now I'm on Leo and when I go to mount the image from disk it says "Failed to mount".

    I have several things on the disk I need to get to, how can I extract the .dmg if I cannot get it to mount? I also have Xp on my boot camp so I can go that route if possible or needed, but I'd prefer to stay on the mac side since I have several programs that may be of use to get it going, but I have no idea of what to use at the moment to try and get into the contents of the .DMG file.
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    Just because it made a disk image file doesn't mean it's a .dmg file. There are many different types of disk image files.


    .dmg is mainly used by Apple, so if you made your image on a windows program and didn't specifically go out of your way to specify that it be a dmg, then it's almost definitely not a dmg. If you don't know what type of disk image file you created in that windows program then you're probably best off if you open it in the same program and then resave in a Mac friendly way.


    wiki says for most other formatted disk images you can just rename the disk image file as whatever.iso and then OS X should be able to mount it.

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    I do know what type it is it is a .dmg like I said, but it doesn't want to mount.

    I need to figure a way to extract it. Are you saying renaming it to .iso may make it mount?


    Problem with that is that I can't transfer it off the CD, it won't let me. I dunno what the deal is. It wasn't written with protection or anything.

    it gives me this error when trying to move the .dmg to the desktop

    when i try to mount it it will either say not recognized or failed to mount.

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