Disk Utility encryption vs. FileVault 2

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by hanguolaohu, Dec 19, 2011.

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    I'm doing a clean install of Lion onto my iMac and I would like to have full disk encryption. I'm booting to a Lion DVD and have just zero wiped my hard drive as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)". I see an option for format as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted)" and was wondering if there are any differences or advantages/disadvantages to encrypt the boot disk in Disk Utility rather than FileVault 2. During research of FileVault 2 I discovered a drawback; one must shut down the computer to take advantage of the encryption:

    From Macworld:

    "While your Mac is booted, anyone with physical access to the computer—someone who sits down in front of it, breaks in remotely (however unlikely that seems at the moment with a Mac), or runs away with your laptop—could access your data. So get used to shutting down your Mac when it's not in use, or when it's out of your control, rather than putting it to sleep."

    Any info much appreciated!
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    That disk util encryption option you see is not for the boot drive. That is only for non-boot partitions. You will need to use Filevault2 if you want to encrypt the boot volume.
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    Got it. The option was available, but I guess it would grey out if I selected it. Thx!

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