Disk Utility repair permissions failure - NO VALID PACKAGES

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by netdog, Feb 20, 2007.

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    Feb 6, 2006
    My disk needed what Disk Utility (booted from my CD) called a "minor repair." I repaired it and then went to repair permissions and it could not proceed, the error message saying that there were "No Valid Packages."

    Before all of this, I accidently mixed up my libraries and put things back in place as best as I was able. I still don't have Java access in my browser, and Flash wouldn't reinstall for some time, indicating that I didn't have proper permissions even though I am the admin of the computer, but otherwise things seem to be working fine and installs have otherwise worked fine.

    Should I do an archive install of OS X (10.4 on a C2D iMac) and then try to put things together again? Other ideas? I would like to avoid putting my machine in for service if possible.

    The disk now consistently passes Verify Disk though it is a bit noisier than before (though not noisy, before I never heard it). Any and all help appreciated. I also have Disk Warrior and some other major disk utility that I just received as a UB.

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    The most common cause of this issue is poking around in /Library/Receipts and deleting everything in there. Bad idea. The repair permissions utility needs those packages to determine what permissions are correct. Sounds like that part got messed up when you somehow mixed up your Libraries.

    I would highly recommend an Archive and Install with the Preserve Users and Network Settings option. That will get the permissions issue sorted out. Then, you'll just have to reinstall your apps.

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