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    When i open utlities from applications folder, and i try to run first-aid on my HD the radio button for repair disk is never bolded. Its always faded out. Is this normal? I run Verify Disk and theres usually problems (in red) and i cannot do anything about it. But the radio buttons for Verify/Repair Disk Permissions is always a bolded option for me. I'd like to see how my mac is running without having to dish money on a program, is there anything i can do? Especially with this first-aid problem.

    I hope i included enough information. Thanks ahead of time for your help!

    PS. I have a powerbook g4 12 inch superdrive.

    PPS. Does mac harddrive space normally get used up quickly? Maybe im not completely "uninstalling" the programs (drag to trash from applications folder?) Is there any program to help "clean" my hardrive, FileVault doesnt seem to work all the time when i reset my computer, it seems to only work when it wants.
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    Yes, it's normal. Because you normally have your boot drive open for writing, Disk Utility won't even try to fix it.

    The normal method recommended by Apple to run the repair is to boot from your install CD/DVD and run disk Utility from that.

    Another method is to boot into single user mode and use fsck as explained in this Apple doc.
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