Disk Warrior 4.4 running for 10 days!!

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  1. Fat Chocolate macrumors newbie

    Nov 16, 2011
    Hi Guys,

    Please let me know if you can help. I apologise in advance for the lengthy message it contains all my relevant information, which may point to a solution.

    My 10 day Dilemma: Last week Sunday (today is Wednesday) whilst my Lacie 1 tb hardrive was on I was currently editing a video piece on my Mac book pro Final cut version 7 as normal.

    My 1 tb drive had a bout 300gb free.
    The Lacie drive started experiencing difficulties whilst I was backing up my work on Apple’s Time Machine function, it wouldn’t boot the hardrive as an option on my computer. It would show the hardrive only in Macs “Disk Utility”
    I tried a variety of options turning on and off the computer and hardrive, changing power cables, fire wire cables. I also checked the Lacie Hardrive on a Pc and it booted so this gave me a feeling that it at least could be repaired on Disk Utility on my Mac.

    I followed a few online examples in which I changed the casing on my Lacie 1 tb with another identical 1 tb drive. After changing casing on the drives the hardrive, which previously was un readable, was still unreadable by my mac book pro and the one that worked still was readable.

    Last week Monday I started Disk warrior 4.4 on Mac it has been running for nearly 10! Full days and is still going. Even though I cannot click on the disk warrior application it has the spinning beach ball, but the numbers of Disk Malfunctions are painfully slowly climbing.
    I don’t know how long it has to go but I am thinking to cancel and seek other methods.

    I have read on this site and on other forums some People using it online said it could take between
    1 – 4 days. I have seen others going on 3 weeks ?? I am at 10 days.
    The files are important and contain client files, the capture files of a project I was working on. Most of the finished files are backed up but there are files such as digitised footage for projects I was in the process of working on. I have no other way to retrieve those files as the only place they exist is on this drive.

    Questions I would like your help on please:

    What would the damage be to my external drive if I were to cancel during step 5 of Disk Warrior?

    As my External drive was previously bootable on a pc (which I checked before starting disk warrior 10 days ago) I am thinking to maybe cancel disk warrior try booting on the pc and connecting another drive to copy the files over. Do you think this would work?

    Has anybody ever been in a similar positions in which Step 5 has hanged for so long, with a similar amount of Disk Malfunctions I have and it actually turned out for Drive to be fixed, repaired and work smoothly afterwards?

    My 10-day Disk warrior current readings:
    Rebuilding directory / Step 5 Locating directory data…
    Speed reduced by disk malfunctions 55,149
    I would really appreciate your help and assistance guys?

  2. Mal macrumors 603


    Jan 6, 2002
    You can stop DiskWarrior at this point without damage. You do have a severely damaged hard drive, though, so I would recommend if it's that important you consider a data retrieval service instead of trying to recover the data yourself. It's possible that you could cause additional damage while trying to recover it if there is a physical malfunction inside the drive. DriveSavers is my recommendation for data recovery, PM me if you'd like a referral code that will give you a discount (disclaimer: I do benefit financially as well if you use that code, but not at your expense).

    If you want to try and continue yourself, I'd recommend Prosoft's Data Rescue 3. I use that anytime DiskWarrior struggles with a drive, and have had great success. It can also take a long time with a struggling drive, though, so be prepared to wait.

  3. ArchiMark macrumors 6502

    Feb 2, 2003
    Silicon Valley
    +1 for DriveSavers...they saved my bacon or files on my hard drive that crashed a few years back....actually, even once before that as well...each time they successfully retrieved all my files and put them on a new hard drive and sent it back to me....

    There is a cost of course for this service, but if you need the files....best of course is to make frequent drive backups to avoid needing a retrieval service....

    And I agree with other poster, that there's a good chance you have drive issue, problem is that if that's the case, spinning your drive up can make things worse...

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