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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by matt3224, Mar 25, 2009.

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    I have a 24" imac witha 1tb drive which failed to boot recently due to overlapping files, after some searching i found that disk warrior should do the trick. I started it real early sunday morning 4:00am and it's 11:00pm wednesday now it's been on step 6 that entire time pretty much. It's detecting overlapped files and it's currently on file 7056 will it ever end should i stop it it seems to still be going along lot's of people say just let it do it's thing but no one has really ever had 7056 or more files overlapped as far as ive read so what should i do?
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    For one thing, don't double post.

    Let it run. DiskWarrior can take a long, long time if your disk is really messed up.
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    Do you have a backup handy? If you do, I would suggest stopping it and starting the process over. If not, I would let it sit for another 4 or 5 hours and see if anything happens. If nothing does, then I would reboot and try it again.
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    Well you see heres the funny thing my backup drive died like a week ago and sods law the moment i dont have a backup my mac goes down. So technically i'm screwed time wise. Lot's of people have had big disks and only had a few hundred files that are overlapped, if it is going to detect all my files as overlapped then that's around the million mark ! i'll be here all year. it's still going and is on file 8182 i dunno when it's gonna stop. it's been doing it for like 4 days and what if i cancel and theres only say 9000 files that are overlapped. This programs fault is that it doesn't tell you or even give any indication as to when it will end.
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    I think there might be a problem with the current version of Diskwarrior -- or with the company that makes it, because for weeks now, their website has been mostly down. if you try going on it and click for "support & updates" or most any other menu, it times out ... I've read that it's VERY sensitive to specific product and OSX updates ...
    If you purchased DW and have a phone support number I would definitely try calling them, given the state of their website...
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    Without being at your computer, it's difficult to give you a definitive answer but from experience, if it's finding that many overlapped files, it's possible that you simply have one file that has suddenly decided that it's several gigabytes in size. :eek:

    If you have some other method of booting the machine, it could be worthwhile looking for a file that is ridiculously huge and (if it isn't a vital file - make a note of it's name and location), just delete it (and empty the trash) and then re-run DiskWarrior over the drive again.

    I've seen this happen on OSX volumes a number of times.

    Of course, it may not be this at all. :(
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