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    Feb 22, 2008
    Hi everyone, really quick. I emailed alsoft regarding I had moved files from my external drive to another drive. for some who knows reason all the files from both drives were gone. Well before I bought the program I corresponded with alsoft and they said DISK WARRIOR can retrieve the files. I bought the program and the darn thing didn't work. I emailed the rep and he confirmed from the PDF file I sent on the report and he conformed it won't work, and no refund!, dam he lied to me. Then I ran a free version of DISK DRILL and that thing was amazing and found all kinds of files, that DISK WARRIOR couldn't even see. I ended up buying DISK DRILL cause clearly it was able to see files disk warrior couldn't see. $100 lesson I learned from the rep that's for sure.
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    Feb 22, 2008
    Has anyone else experienced this with Disk Warrior?
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    Comparing these two programs is comparing apples to oranges. DiskWarrior attempts to repair your file system, Disk Drill just recovers files. Big difference.

    If you're moving files from one drive to another and they're gone from both I can only assume somehow the drives lost power or similar during the process. Without more details it's hard to know what really happened. If DW didn't see anything, then somehow the file system really got hosed.

    Next time backup your data.
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    I've used Disk Warrior for years, and can only say good things about it.
    The same goes for everything I've read from forums and posters I trust.
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    An aside - do you know if you had Journaling enabled on those drives? Quick way to tell is Get Info a drive in the Finder and look at the Format. It should say "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" if journaling is on. You should always turn journaling on, it will help prevent (not all cases) corruption when problems occur.
  6. basslik, Mar 10, 2011
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    I heard great things also, but I explained to the rep through email what happened and he assured me that disk warrior would retrieve the files, I ask'ed him if he was sure, and even sent him a PDF file of the trial version and he said it would work. With the detailed facts that was emailed to him from the disk warrior PDf, and him assuring it would suffice and then I paid and the darn thing didn't work, and he emailed back with a one liner, your right it ain't gona work and no refunds that was totally unprofessional to say the least, no sorry or any like that, just a one liner reply. He might as well just said your screwed!. But the bright side of it was I emailed Disk drill after I ran their trial version and it found all my files, I emailed a cool person named JR and told him what unprofessional experience I had with alsoft and all he asked was a proof of purchase from them. So I sent him my shipping email of the buy from alsoft and JR sold me a pro user license for half off the regular price of DISK DRILL. Now that's truly a company that cares and just doesn't take your money and shoot one liner emails saying it not going to work. Got all my files back. YAY!!, KAINJOW you mentioned comparing apples to oranges right. So that leads me to believe even more so that the rep from alsoft new all along that it wouldn't retrieve my files, which I clearly explained to him I need to recover my audio files, and not rebuild the disk, but he misled me anyways. Yes I did have extended journaled cause I'm running PRO TOOLS and had clients waiting for their sessions. I explained that to him and he saw me coming a mile away, he should of said to get a file recovery program instead. He knew I needed to retrieve my files and not rebuild the drive.
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    I'm with the poster. Unprofessional reply and he should know his product better. 'Mistake' is hard to believe.

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    Been so long, yea I'm still baffled with that one liner reply, I wonder if this is a one person software owner?, I know in the past with a software I purchased from rubberchicken software I thought I was buying from a big company but it ended up being a one guy operation, and that's probably why he was able to reply in that manner?

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