disks burned on iTunes won't play - wrong settings?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by RenderBay, Oct 18, 2010.

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    Early on after I got this G4, I messed with the settings in iTunes some and the first time I burned a disk and tried to play it in my car, it would not play. I burned about 10 different disks using 10 different settings (although I don't remember the particulars now). Never could get any of them to play.

    I have iTunes 9 and I wonder if anyone can tell me if it's possible to go back to default settings, or change the settings so disks will play on any standard car CD player? I just don't have the knowledge to do. I need some help.


    : )
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    You'll want to select audio CD as the type of disc to create. The other options are up to you:

    Add CD-TEXT adds CD text to the burned disc. Not all CD players support this feature but the CD will still play in a standard player.
    Use Sound Check adjusts the volume in burned songs to match the Sound Check-computed adjustment. This is supposed to make sound volume the same, but I've found that it does not always work the way it is advertised.
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    Only if the player supports computer made CDs.

    The only settings that you should have to choose from are whether to burn an Audio, MP3 or Data disc. For your car it should be Audio, unless your car's CD player can play MP3 CDs.

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