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    Apr 16, 2016
    My friend has a macbook pro and with yosemite the computer is ultra slow and tons of beach ball. I looked in disk utility and it shows two Macintosh HD. Here is the output from the terminal. Any help would be appreciated. I am trying to make this thing run correct again. I am willing to get a new HD and clone but if I can fix without going through the trouble I would like to.

    Thanks so much

    Logical Volume Group 68091E94-D146-4E40-A507-7FA534BE4587


    Name: Macintosh HD

    Status: Online

    Size: 499248103424 B (499.2 GB)

    Free Space: 18972672 B (19.0 MB)


    +-< Physical Volume A15E3DFF-4304-49FF-9686-305B0B0F1089

    | ----------------------------------------------------

    | Index: 0

    | Disk: disk0s2

    | Status: Online

    | Size: 499248103424 B (499.2 GB)


    +-> Logical Volume Family 122A3CCF-47BC-4A4E-AA36-45CED99A39E9


    Encryption Status: Unlocked

    Encryption Type: None

    Conversion Status: NoConversion

    Conversion Direction: -none-

    Has Encrypted Extents: No

    Fully Secure: No

    Passphrase Required: No


    +-> Logical Volume 518470D5-3671-46C8-B913-C0D2558E01D4


    Disk: disk1

    Status: Online

    Size (Total): 498876809216 B (498.9 GB)

    Conversion Progress: -none-

    Revertible: Yes (no decryption required)

    LV Name: Macintosh HD

    Volume Name: Macintosh HD

    Content Hint: Apple_HFS
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    I have added screenshots of the disk utility Please help!

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    Totally normal and there is nothing wrong there. On some newer Mac laptops Yosemite converts the drive into what is called a "core storage" logical volume and that is what you are seeing.

    If you are getting beachballs etc, it is not from this.

    What do you get if you run disk first aid there in Disk Utility. It almost sounds like a failing drive from what you describe.

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