Diskwarrior: for complete begginer:(

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Lukaserba, Dec 24, 2012.

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    Dec 24, 2012
    Hello everyone, i just got the "invalid structure.." and "full disk error" and may be some others error. I tried almost every way, how to start up my macbook pro. The last option seems to be diskwarrior, i got the dmg file to my email, it has 6,6 mb. Could you help me how to procede the process of saving my data??? I can start my mac only by pressing C, so it boots from cd.

    Also i have old notebook with windows, can i make bootable cd from diskwarrior.dmg file there?

    I will have access to another macbook with osx system in few days. But now i am getting crazy:(((.
    Please help me, its christmas day and i am about to die in sorrow:(
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    Aug 13, 2012
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    You need to start your Mac up from a bootable DVD with Diskwarrior on it. I'm pretty sure Alsoft has instructions on their web site, or you can order the DVD from them for a small charge. Diskwarrior is intended to optimize or repair directory structures.

    If your disk is badly corrupted you might not want to attempt a repair. Don't write anything to it, including DiskWarrior repairs. Any changes to a corrupt volume will probably be for the worse, although DiskWarrior will let you look at what the repaired volume will look like against the original before you tell it to actually write the repairs to disk. DiskWarrior also lets you know if the repair is likely to improve things before you finalize it.

    For bad corruption take a look at Data Rescue 3 (Prosoft Engineering) which is designed to recover your user data and not your volume/system. What you will need to do is download their bootable DVD disk image file and burn it to a DVD, then boot from the DVD, provided your Mac supports this. I understand prior to 2011 will work. Alternatively, order the disk immediately either from them or OWC (nice bundle with Drive Genius for $139 I think). You will need to purchase to save recovered files anyway so might as well. Once you are booted from another disk and running Data Rescue 3 you will scan your problem disk and be presented with a list of found files which you can then select from for recovery to a new disk. It does not change anything on the problem disk. I'm trying to recover data from a corrupted MacBook boot drive right now and I can vouch for Prosoft's tech support. First thing is: Don't do anything to or with the problem drive until you have recovered important data. That means don't try to boot from it or even another partition on the same drive. Hope this helps and here's wishing both of us success.

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