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    Jan 9, 2006
    So i purchased the application DiskWarrior4, and i have it unzipped, thus leaving me with a parent folder named DiskWarrior, and having the same named .dmg file in that folder, as well as another folder inside that named _MacOSX, and inside that folder is a ._DiskWarrior.dmg file.
    Now i have to burn this file so that i can run it off a disc on my laptop, as that is the computer that cannot start up currently. The problem is, every time i burn the .dmg file onto disc, and boot from disc, the screen just turns white, and nothing happens.
    How can i burn this file, so that i can run it at startup and repair my volumes?
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    Mar 16, 2004
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    It says here that there should be a manual in that zip file - is there?

    I'd assume that you'd probably open Applications->Utilities->Disk Utility, select the DMG file, and click the "Burn" icon to create a disk - you certainly wouldn't just burn the DMG file onto a disk as a DMG file.

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