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What do you think of Mission Control's Expose?

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  1. arjen92, Jan 10, 2012
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    Hi there,

    what you're about to read is just a rant about my discontent with mission control. So don't bother reading it if you like it. Just fill in the poll and let me know I'm the only person unable to get adjusted to it.

    Lion is great (whatever it is that's better). But I just really miss expose. Without noticing it (until now) mission control cured me from the addiction of the awesome 4 finger swipe down (oh the feeling, how I miss it). I almost never swipe with more than 2 fingers (2 finger swipe with safari is brilliant), now I just click the icon in the dock. Sometimes I do swipe with more than 2 fingers, just because something made me think back of the good old days with expose, where you could see all your windows and just pick the one you recognized and needed. Whichever window you needed. Ah yes, those days... I can remember the times being indecisive in what I wanted to do and just switching between windows and programs.

    But no longer.

    It's time to move on, Apple said. It will be better, Apple said. You'll never think of that old expose, Apple said. Well they were wrong. Perhaps they want us to feel the loss of Steve; no Steve, no Expose.

    Oh they fooled me good with the "Program-Expose" option. Getting my hopes up high for an incredible expose "program" experience. I was excited for this new "program" option. I was expecting a new world that would open to me... but in reality, hell opened to me.

    At first you could still see your programs. Still smaller than the original expose, but I could live with it(after getting used to it in Snow Leopard). But then real life started. Making reports, photoshopping, editing, browsing, mailing and lots and lots of other stuff. I wasn't afraid to face all that work, expose had pulled me through before.

    But this time it let me down. Mission Control unleashed it's execrable decreasing powers on all the windows. No longer could I just click the window that looked liked photoshop, I now had to remember what the photoshop icon looked like and find it.

    Even worse; safari. I quickly mastered recognizing the safari icon. But then the real problems started. Having opened an average of 15 websites, at least 4 windows would be open. Now you had to choose which one of these windows was the one you were looking for, while they were so excruciating small. I already wear contacts, but now my vision is triple as bad from all the staring.

    "Don't lose your hope" some wise guys said. "You can just finger swipe down and then press the space bar to see a window up close, no need to stare".
    What these people don't have, and I do, is a job. I can't spend ages looking at all the safari windows I've opened to see which window I was looking for. It's even more agonizing when you just need to check a small detail and all the website you've opened are white with black text, so no distinction between them. Instead of being able to just swipe my fingers down and click the window,at least 4 more steps are necessary to switch quickly to a safari window.

    Even swiping down, so I only see the safari windows, is a harrowing experience. I would click, for example, the window on the left bottom to see it in detail. Then I would find out it was the wrong window, so I would do the expose thingy for safari again, knowing that I already checked the left bottom one, and now had to click any window except for the one bottom left. But no, Mission Control "the great Houdini" had to shuffle all the windows. Because why would it put them back exactly the way it did them a second ago?
    Imagine 16 safari windows. And they're all indistinctive. And "Penn and Teller" Mission Control is shuffling them all the time. I know Apple wants to overtake the gaming industry as well, but that's no reason to make looking for a window a freaking mind game; which ones can you remember already having checked.

    The 1st of september was the most embarrassing day of my life, when I had to explain to my Windows love making boss that my productivity was decreased by 20% because of a "small" mission control problem in Mac OS X...

    Looking back on these few months with Lion, I still swipe my fingers down to see all windows, expecting to see the window I'm looking for in one glance. Then I remember I have to swipe upwards, twice, because I did it wrong. Than the appalling act of looking up the right icon would start and all the hassle coming along with it.

    Yes, Lion is optimized for small screens; your icons are even smaller, when you want to watch a downloaded movie on your arrogantly big screen it decides that you want to see it on your smaller macbook screen, it doesn't fill your entire screen with expose but leaves a nice thick border on the side clear of any information at all, cluttering your windows together and showing a texture someone must have come up when his wife left him and took the dog along with her

    Some of you might say, why doesn't this guy just use a space for each program, or divide them over the spaces? Well, dividing them up isn't always possible. And of course the biggest annoyance, 10 spaces are extremely small (remember my eye problems) and when one program is on the first space and the other program on the last, I have to go all the way to the other side. That's like:

    swipe three fingers left,
    swipe three fingers left,
    swipe three fingers left,
    swipe three fingers left,
    swipe three fingers left,
    swipe three fingers left,
    swipe three fingers left,
    swipe three fingers left,
    swipe three fingers left.

    And then when you need to go back;

    swipe three fingers right,
    swipe three fingers right,
    Well, I guess you get the idea.

    I just have it so bad. The money I could have spend on feeding a poor african child for 150 days is now spent on a useless function called mission control, dictated by autarch Apple.

    Who's with me?
    (At least let me know you're not with me in the poll).
  2. WSR macrumors regular

    Jun 9, 2011
    arjen92, your comments about Spaces demonstrates how Spaces in SL is so great.

    First with the grid format you aren't limited to only moving left and right between Spaces, but you can also move up and down.

    Second, you can assign Spaces to either a mouse button, as I've done, or to a gesture. Thus with 1 action you call up Spaces, and then just select the Space you want from the grid.

    Finally, in the grid each Spaces is bigger than the same number of Spaces in Mission Control, and thus, easier to see.

    The only problems I ever had with SL's Spaces was being pulled to a different Space when closing an app instead of just staying in the current Space.

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