Disney 4K about to happen - store mistake

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by m11rphy, May 28, 2019.

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    On Apple TV The UK iTunes Store is displaying this banner just for Disney Live Action movies in 4K HDR, mistake or a nice surprise for WWDC?

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    Certainly could an early self leak - seems logical for Disney to offer 4K at WWDC on Apple TV as they’ll want to a good deal for Disney + on Apple devices
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    Sadly, I feel that it is a mistake.
    The same mistake happened just three weeks ago with a film that was new but just in HD. However, that also had he 4K HDR banner on the ad which was later removed several days after.
    Someone SERIOUSLY needs to proof read that site at Apple!!!

    I feel that the Disney coming to iTunes in 4K is well over. It's not going to happen and the world has moved on in all honesty. Just Enjoy the HD version and let the Apple TV do a decent job of upscaling it to 4K.
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    Huh? We're still very much in the early days, and to say that "it's not going to happen and the world has moved on" shows a decided lack of perspective.
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    INCREDIBLE! It's very clear that the guys at Apple read MacRumors religiously as within the LAST 10 MINUTES, the 4K HDR banner has been removed from it!!!!!!!!!!

    Since we know that the cool vyb'in dudes at Apple read this, Apple will you please bring out the new MacBook Pro with round screen corners like on the iPad Pro and iPhone X, smaller bezels, Face ID and super importantly, ProMotion just like the iPad Pro (and hopefully iPhone 11) to give video a buttery smooth look :) iTunes films at 23.976 can look a bit jerky on Macs!
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    No we are not. Apple TV 4k launched nearly 2 years ago. I've worked in media for a decade and I can tell you that deals get done within days not 2 years! This is the fastest industry ever and things move at a million miles per hour.

    Sorry for my lack of perspective but getting your films to stream in iTunes in 4K really does not take two years. They have moved on. As mentioned Disney were not happy with the terms - Apple will not charge more than 1080p for the reason that you CANNOT download the 4K version, hence you do not own it.
    Vimeo charge 20% more for its 4K option because it allows you to download & keep the film etc as well as stream it.
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    Does Vimeo have Disney Films?

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