Disney Launches New 'Dream Big Princess' Filmmaking Initiative That Will Use iPhone X and Final Cut Pro

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    Disney today announced a major expansion of its "Dream Big Princess" photography campaign that first launched in 2017, which will see 21 talented young women provided with the tools to create inspiring digital short stories.

    Disney has selected aspiring filmmakers from around the world, who will be tasked with "telling the stories of inspiring female role models." Each filmmaker will be paired with an inspirational interview subject, such as director and screenwriter Jennifer Lee, who also serves as the chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios.

    The 21 participants in the program will shoot their videos using an iPhone X, with content to be edited in Final Cut Pro X running on a MacBook Pro.

    Disney has also partnered up with Apple for an Apple-led workshop that will offer the participants hands-on training from Apple technical experts along with mentoring sessions from production company Summerjax, and Apple will also provide ongoing mentorship ahead of when the videos debut in October.

    The short films will be shared across Disney's global media platforms as part of a campaign to unlock up to a $1 million donation for Girl Up, a global leadership development initiative led by the UN Foundation.

    Article Link: Disney Launches New 'Dream Big Princess' Filmmaking Initiative That Will Use iPhone X and Final Cut Pro
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    Nov 6, 2014
    "...and this entire initiative is made possible off the backs of the old guard like John Lasseter, who we sidelined and forced out over unsubstantiated allegations. You go, girl!"
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    Apr 15, 2012
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    Give me 4K iTunes movies now, Disney. K thx
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    Oh they can’t just be role models in general? They have to be women only?
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    What if a girl prefers to use a Samsung Galaxy phone? Is she Shunned? Discriminated? Banned? Ostracized?
  7. fairuz, Jul 9, 2018
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    I do this with everyone, girl or otherwise :D My friend kept wanting to use his Samsung phone that took blatantly worse videos and was a total pain to download videos from (Android USB transfer or whatever was a hot mess).

    Being serious, Galaxy should work the same with Final Cut Pro X. Maybe nonstandard stuff like slow-motion mode would be a problem, though?
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    I don't mean to attack you in my reply just more food for thought.

    Let's say you're caucasian ... how would you identify with characters or role models from:
    Good Times, Different Strokes (Willis and his brother), Silver Spoons' Alfonso (you may know the actor as Carlton from FP of Belair), Sanford and Son, Luke Cage (himself), Black Lightning (or any of those black characters)?

    In the USA:
    a female is subjected to 50% of TV ads (TV only) that target their looks,
    a female by the time she is 14, 50% do NOT like their weight!
    1 out of 4 females suffers an eating disorder by the time she's 16 (Anorexia or Bulimia),
    1 out of 4 females is sexually assaulted by the time she's 18; many know their attackers, roughly 40% are from known family members.

    I read these statistics on an article a few years back and it was focused ONLY on females in the USA. Have a read of this article that focuses mostly on women's body weight image of the past and current; although it's not a source of what I've typed above: https://www.nytimes.com/2003/06/22/health/body-and-image-one-size-definitely-does-not-fit-all.html

    My point with all of this ... why try and fight an uplifting project for women in the very first place? They're our sisters, mothers, lovers, wives, etc. How many movies do us men have to enjoy where we lookup to the main character as a role model? Countless.
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    Mar 16, 2011
    Dear Canada,

    Thank you.


    The women of the US
  10. DeepIn2U macrumors 603


    May 30, 2002
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    LOL ... I deserved that one and it IS very funny.
  11. miniyou64 macrumors 6502


    Jul 8, 2008
    Who actually cares? I view everyone by their merits. Not what gender or color they are. This kind of stuff promotes sexism and racism. Ridiculous. My mother and sister don’t need a documentary to feel uplifted. They go take care of business on their own. Gove me a break.

  12. allenvanhellen macrumors regular

    Dec 8, 2015
    Should be “Big Dream Princess” or “Dream Big, Princess”.
  13. DeepIn2U macrumors 603


    May 30, 2002
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    No break for you. I view EVERYONE by their merits as well ... I've been BORN in a country that has a motto "Out of one Many people!" and my extended family is mixed! My friends, girlfriends, educators and society I live in in MULTI-CULTURAL! I don't live in a country that has issues with cultures - in fact my country has just about EVERY culture across the globe welcomed within and STILL no major issues like that south of our borders. So don't come at me like that with hatred and arrogance or ignorance, you're playing yourself here.

    Actually YOUR post promotes ignorance. You didn't even READ my FULL post, just took what you wanted and replied. I grew up around strong women, your mother and sister maybe that as well.

    Not ALL women ARE that strong. If you talked to your mother and sister heavily about this topic you'd understand just how much about appearance and self worth woven based on appearance women of any culture goes through in the western world!

    TV, Magazines, Movies, social media ... all focus women as having:
    Ideal weight
    Ideal size/figure (take a look at runway models for the past 60yrs!)
    Hair style, colour, length - how many women do you know have less than ear length hair or buzzed? I've happily dated one for months ... have you?!
    Weddings: Why so many heterosexual women STILL cling to the ideal that a DRESS MUST be worn?! (that's right tradition based media).

    Go to any major book store. Have a look at magazines ... how many are specifically catered to males vs females? 10/10 the answer will be females and specifically from age 14 and up in specific targeting!
    ^ I haven't looked, but I sincerely doubt there is a men's magazine targeted to teenage guys from 14-18!

    Cars ... today are STILL advertised on release/announcements at auto shows with woman in formal yet slight provocative/suggestive attire! Why?!!! Just about every guy today STILL refers to his car as female.

    If you wish to be so closed minded to NOT read someone's post before attacking them, then don't bother - you lessen yourself for doing so. I'm not going to even reply to your next post in this thread as we've already derailed it.

    Sorry everyone.
  14. swm macrumors regular

    May 29, 2013
    the same mags/shows portray men with perfect smile, 6-pack abs, wearing business casual driving off in their drop top car. if you let go of the media, you're fine. it is sick anyway, regardless whether print/online.

    as for the wedding dress: every single girl - even the ones in the spot - wants to be a princess - if not more for a single day - and this is their wedding day. they want to be perfect. is this role model coming from the recent biased media? or does it have its roots with the brothers Grimm? 18th century big costumes, hair as with Rapunzel, etc.

    wondering whether these role models shown in the move include the image of the "coder geek girl", the "teacher helping kids to pursue higher education" or "mother holding her family together"
  15. DeepIn2U macrumors 603


    May 30, 2002
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada


    Yet the "wearing business casual driving off in their drop top car" I think came from Barbie Doll toys and ads. I don't see Steve McQueen doing this ;) I mention him for the date timeline. Go back prior to Rockie and you'll barely see a guy in print, movies (especially), or TV ads barely showed guys with 6-pack abs. That's because the major influence of bodybuilders, especially Arnold S affected the world after Terminator. Right after that Stallone hit the gym like mad ... he hasn't ever stopped to be honest!

    Hair (cut, shape, layered, extensions, colour - man just watch Chris Rock's movie about HAIR),
    Eyelashes, eyeshadow, tweezed eyebrows (frack now their shaving them off and drawing them in with a pencil),
    Breast Size, shape (cup), even nipples,
    Foot size - not just a Japanese phenomenon (I mean would you date a women with 11US sized feet?),
    measurement proportions (34-22-34, etc)
    musculature ... (Both Serena and Venus Williams have been hassled in the news that their NOT really women for years because they're stronger and taller than most of the competition in tennis).
    ^ in the 80's women "aerobisized" (thanks to Zanadu and Olivia Newton John in '81 was it?) since the 2000's thank god women squat now ... trust me ... most women in the 80's barely had a booty (from Vogue magazine to Playboy: read both my mom or uncle's magazines)! Today just about EVERY women has strong thighs and a booty; heck there are IG stars just because of their booty ... the most famous Kim K!)
    Clothes. Women's clothes have evolved SO much since 1920 it's unbelievable ... Men's clothes ... other than colours, patterns, thickness not much has changed; especially in suits/blazers (tapered vs none, shoulder pads finally gone, double breasted vs single breasted hasn't changed since 1900!). Casual wear has changed heavily though.

    My point: Women are subjected heavily to be conscious of their physical appearance over a hundred times more and more in-depth than men EVER have. This has huge social impact on them, mental and emotional impact on them. Ever read the survey's of Playboy magazine when Hugh Hefner was still in charge?! I did and you'll not believe what the typical N.American man preferred the ideal woman back then:

    nice warm smile
    thin lips
    32-22-32 was THE perfect figure ... which today barely means anything because a) unrealistic, and b) men's views of what is physically attractive of a woman's body has changed.

    * the ODD out of this back in late 70's/80's (unsure cause I watched reruns when I was 5yrs old) is Linda Carter's Wonder Woman. Look at 2017's Marvel/DC Wonder Woman is very slim by comparison, also no blue eyes. The movies success I knew didn't have to do with sexual enuendos or suggestive costume ... it was the character itself NOT being based on a male character (SuperGirl, Superwoman, Bionic Woman, etc all failed as TV shows and Movies even after a few times because of that. Smallville's SuperGirl an exception because well she was super hot for teens!

    I'd like to see ANYONE in this thread come up with how men are equally marginalized as women about their physical appearances and how we're affected mentally and emotionally by that?! Not so many mental and health issues. Not even close year by year by year.

    @swm, glad you're thinking more about this movie. I'm wondering if the nursing mother in public or the athletic competitive woman is to be featured/considered.

    burned out done.
  16. Umiami91 macrumors newbie

    Feb 16, 2017
    As a Caucasian, I would identify with all those characters as humans that had their own experiences. I know I identified with Lando Calrissian an awful lot as a kid; Billy Dee Williams was AWESOME. I know I idolized Walter Payton as a white kid in Chicago who looked at that tiny little guy who would, on EVERY play, despite being one of the smallest guys on the field, in his own words “never die easy”. I was known to respond more than once to my mom with “whatchu talkin’ bout Willis?” Hell, just look at Different Strokes - a family that all loved each other for who they were not what color or sex they were. How could I NOT identify with those characters???

    Maybe if we just tried to see the humanity in each other versus the labels we’d all be better off.
  17. cmChimera, Jul 10, 2018
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    cmChimera macrumors 68040


    Feb 12, 2010

    This post is cringe-worthy.
  18. Umiami91 macrumors newbie

    Feb 16, 2017
    Because why, exactly? Because I believe in humanity vs putting myself in a category? Because I can look to people different than me and feel a kinship? Shame on me I suppose, but whatever.

    We don’t need people who “look like us” to be able to see ourselves in them. If you feel otherwise, well then that’s your loss. Cringe as you like. I don’t much care.
  19. DeepIn2U macrumors 603


    May 30, 2002
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    In a word your post is ...


    Personally I identified heavily with Buck Rogers, Lando (a real intergalactic player that Han strives to be ;) ), hawkman in Flash Gordon, Green Lantern, Superman and a lot because of their character as representative of people.

    I feel Sci-Fi changed a generations perspective of people vs class of people and ever since; for the most part. My evidence:
    Captain Kirk kissing Lahora (man that name just comes across as so wrong but whatever). Not only man and woman sharing emotion in space but also interracial on TV.
  20. Umiami91 macrumors newbie

    Feb 16, 2017
    Exactly. That moment with Uhura probably changed more in this world than any other pop culture event of that era. As one of my favorite memes once noted “Kirk was not put off by green skin”. As was demonstrated in the reboot films. . And how can ANYONE see themselves in Superman? He was Kryptonian, right?

    That’s my point as I inelegantly tried to say. This concept of authenticity and identity now is utterly foreign to me-identify what you want to be, find your role model, no matter what he or she looks/sounds like or where they are from, and emulate that thing that they do that you find so compelling.
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    Feb 12, 2010
    I quoted the wrong post. My bad.
  22. Umiami91 macrumors newbie

    Feb 16, 2017
    Thank you. Peace unto you.
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    Thank you. Peace be unto you.

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