Disney movies...digital format or blu-ray?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by miTunes75, Oct 4, 2010.

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    I am running into a dilemma. I love purchasing movies in HD through iTunes and run it through my appleTV. I love not having the discs flying around the house, etc. I don't have any storage issues when I do it this way. But, Disney has not released everything digitally as of yet. Many, many movies are available in blu-ray though. So, before I go into this purchase with Beauty and the Beast this weekend, I'm not sure which version to buy. I really think it'll drive me nuts if I have disney movies in two different versions. Example: If I want to watch G-Force, I don't want to have to think, hmmmmm now is that in digital format, or blu-ray format.

    What is it ya'll do?
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    That's very true.
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    I hear Stevie J has a finger in the Disney pie... Maybe you could email him with that question :)
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    The Disney blu-rays are much better quality IMHO and come with loads of special features and are cheaper. Love their blu-rays.
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    The way to do it is to build your library in a consistent fashion. iTunes content is in the .m4v format. The digital copies are in that format too. If you use AppleTV that is a good format to base you library on. If there is a movie that you cannot get in .m4v you will need to convert. A DVD can be converted to .m4v with Handbrake. A BluRay disk can be converted to .m4v with a combination of MakeMKV and handbrake. You can see other posts here about this process.
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    I would rather purchase a Blu-ray instead of the digital format. Blu-ray is far better quality and if you already have the player it's worth it. But I do understand liking the idea of not having to get up and search for a movie as well. For a few years I have streamed the majority of my movies through my XBOX 360 and had a huge catalog of movies stored on a External HD connected to my iMac. I can't see spending $20 on a HD Digital format that is only 720p when I can get the Blu-ray for the same price or cheaper in a lot of cases.
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    I like digital as you are more likely to watch it since it's easier to access. I have over 500 plus dvds & blu-rays combined. I hardly ever rewatch them anymore. Since apple tv is now in my house, I find myself using that more than physical media. True, blu-ray is far better quality - but at times it could be touch to tell the difference between the two. Just my two cents.
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    There is a huge difference in quality between Blu-Ray (better) and Apple Digital Downloads (good, but not the best). The fact that you can't see this worries me or makes me wonder if you are using HDMI and/or a HDTV.
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    LOL. Thanks, but you don't need to worry about me.
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    Dont some Disney blu Ray movies come with downloadable versions?

    Either way, I buy the blu Ray versions and convert them using makemkv and handbrake.
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    Blu-ray is almost always cheaper with Disney and you get more features. I paid $10 for Snow White (Amazon), $10 for Sleeping Beauty (Amazon), $10 for UP (Amazon), $30 for A Bug's Life, Cars, Ratouille ( together from Amazon) and $25 for Monster's Inc, Toy Story and Toy Story 2 (together from Target) all on Blu-ray.

    There are always coupon deals available with these.

    Beauty and the Beast comes out tomorrow. Here's a $10 off coupon:


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