Display Adapter for 13" black MacBook Model 3,1??

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by JerryB, Jun 24, 2009.

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    I have a 6 year old PowerBook G4 12" (Model 6,1) hooked up to a 20" VGA display using the Apple Mini-DVI to VGA adapter that came with the computer. Perfect performance for several years.

    I now want to hook up my early 2008 Black MacBook Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz. (Model 3,1) to the same monitor. The "Mini-DVI" connector on the MacBook computer does not mate with my adapter! It is real close in size and shape, but is obviously a different connector design.

    The MacBook manual says the display port is a "Mini-DVI". The older PowerBook manual also says it's display port is a "Mini-DVI." Apple's site implies that the two computers require the same adapter, but that is obviously wrong. Some of the product reviews say that the Apple information is wrong, but no one has posted the correct information (part number). Is there an adapter for the black MacBook to VGA?

    I've spent all afternoon searching (including here an MacRumors) for the real part number for an adapter. No luck. I have also tried several Apple phone numbers and the chat forum, all with no results.

    Does anyone know what I should order to adapt the MacBook display port to a VGA cable, and from where?
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    Well I know if you go to the applestore these days those adapters would work on your macbook mini-dvi. Not familiar with powerbooks, but wouldn't see any reason why a mini-dvi adapter from a powerbook wouldn't work with a mini-dvi for the macbook since mini-dvi is sort of a standard unless your port on the macbook is damaged in some way.
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    Your 12" PowerBook, model 6,1, is the first revision of 12" PowerBooks. Those had a mini-VGA port on them, not the mini-DVI of the MacBooks and later 12" PowerBooks. You need a different adapter. Apple sells them here for $20.
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    I believe that is the correct one, but notice that it says:

    "The Apple Mini-DVI to VGA Adapter is designed for use with the iMac (Intel Core Duo), MacBook, and 12-inch PowerBook G4."

    Since I have both a MacBook and a 12-inch PowerBook G4, and the ports are definitely not the same, I'm left wondering.


    I would also think they should interchange, but . . . They don't.

    The port is definitely not damaged. It just has obvious small dimensional and pin spacing differences, as in not the same connector.

    I'm trying to avoid the 150 mile round trip to the nearest Apple Store, but I don't want to mail order the wrong one either.

    Reading the reviews on the Apple site doesn't instill any confidence that I'll get the correct adapter. Several folks report getting the wrong one, but don't say which is the correct one.

    When I tried Apple's chat support, the Apple Expert didn't know. That's okay, but he also didn't get back to me with the information he said he would find. Kinda perplexing!

    Thanks for the responses,


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