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Sep 18, 2012
Hey Guys,

So long time Mac user but soon will be taking my maiden voyage into the world of the Mac Mini. The biggest draw for me is being able to use my monitor of choice but that's also raised a couple of questions.

1) If I want to calibrate my monitor should I/will I need to do it directly from the unit?

2) If not, will my Mac 'assign' a default display profile and how likely is this to clash with whatever calibrated state the monitor comes in?

(Apologies if these are extremely amateur questions. I'm not an amateur user but I AM relatively new to the world of noticing and/or caring about decent calibration).


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Jan 26, 2014
Horsens, Denmark
The Mac will, assuming a monitor that follows proper standards, received information from the display about the color space supported, like sRGB, P3, whatever. The Mac will then send an appropriate signal. Calibration should usually occur on the unit, yes. The Mac will send a standard signal within the color space. You can however still use macOS’ color management utilities but that will only change what signal macOS sends to the display. A more “proper” way would be changing the display itself so it would display properly with any device. Exception is if you get the Pro Display XDR of course, but yeah, I assume that isn’t the case ;)
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Feb 11, 2009
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I use the Spyder color calibration system for all my monitors as well as my photo printer.

This is a newer model. I use the older Spyder5 Studio for monitor and office printer calibration. It was a bit expensive, but eliminated all my calibration headaches.
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