Display corruption with dual GPU on cMP 2012

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Pixeldust, May 7, 2018.

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    May 7, 2018

    I am trying to give a few more useful years to my cMP 2012. It has a single Xeon W3565 CPU, 32 GB RAM. I was working fine with an EVGA GTX 680 Mac edition GPU in Slot 1. Then, the other day I had the brilliant idea of installing a second GPU. It is a GTX 1070Ti (unflashed PC version), it is getting its power from an external PSU and it is installed in Slot 2. The OS is macOS 10.13.4, the NVIDIA Web driver is 387. and CUDA is 387.178. The output is connected to the GTX 680, boots normally but once logged in the GUI has all sorts of artifacts, e.g. upper left corner different shades of gray (see attached photo, the RED rectangles are my doing to block out some stuff my employer would not be delighted to see...). The Web driver is active. Now each card on its own works flawlessly, of course, the 1070Ti without the boot screen. I have tried to reset the PRAM and SMC, but the same screen corruption occurs. Has anybody seen something like this to happen with dual GPUs? And dare I ask, is there any way to 'fix' it?

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    The latest web driver is buggy for dual GPU setup. You better only use the 1070Ti.
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    I had the same problems with web driver 387. Running (2) 1080 TI's on 10.13.4

    But, after installing the High Sierra Security Update 2018-001 then updating to the LATEST web driver 387. resolved the issue. No more graphic glitches.

    Check if you have that update available. It will take your macOS High Sierra build number to 17E202.

    Then update your driver to 387.
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