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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Soura2112, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Jun 26, 2008
    I am expecting my new Mac Pro Tuesday. I have not gone with a new display yet, hopefully my 20" aluminum will work just fine till I make a choice on a new display. I like the new Apple display, just not the price tag, but I do like the look, just wish it had FireWire ports. If it's the best out there for the size I'm looking for then I will certainly take the dive.
    I never worked on a glossy display with FCP or Photoshop, so I was curious how your videos and pictures look once you see them on your average LCD or plasama tv. I don't want my colors to be off much. Not sure if that's even an issue, just being cautious.
    I certainly am going to need a display larger the 20", just works better for me and my eyes these days. I love my dads 27" iMac. 30" is my limit, no larger.
    Its been over a decade since I looked for 3rd party displays and back then they were pretty much the same, plus I did no video or photo editing.
    Here to ask what other displays are out there you guys like that are not as pricey as apple which have at least 2 USB ports and a iSight like camera.
    My other concern is hook up. Just for example, does a Dell display have the same connection to the Mac? Or will I have to get a cable and have programs installed to have it supported? I have some time to go to local stores and take a look, I just prefer my fellow Mac peoples advice over a salesman cause I want honesty not some patting of sales numbers. If I do go 3rd party then its the first time ever, before my G5 I took whatever came in the PC bundle, when I got my G5 I picked up the 20", so this is one area I never jumped into. I do not do video work for a company, it's all me, given me only my experience which is obvioously limited. I used to run my own side business and now plan to restate it and of course I want my work to look great.
    Thanks for any info, I'm very excited for the new machine to be here for Christmas.
    Oh and lastly down the road I would like 2 displays. Again curious if the 20" I currently have will be fine or do they both have to be the same brand. Seems like 20" would be fine, but never did 2 monitors before, always wanted to though, just lacked the $$, why I want to get all info before I buy a new display. Thanks again.
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    there is no way to know if the image on your monitor will appear the same as on someone else's monitor or TV unless all of them are calibrated.

    I'm not aware of any other quality LCDs with a built-in camera. almost all have at least two USB ports.

    most newer IPS monitors have DisplayPort and DVI, which is how you would connect it to a Mac. if they don't, you only need an adapter cable.

    you can use as many monitors of whatever type you want until you run out of video card inputs. usually its two or three monitors per video card.

    Dell, HP, NEC, and Eizo make monitors you might be interested in, from $900 or so to more than $2000... anyways, your money is better spent buying a non-Apple display, unless you really like the gloss or the webcam. everything else offers better quality and/or more features.

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