Display mate's Analysis of the iPhone 7 display?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Jetcat3, Sep 20, 2016.

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    May 3, 2015
    Just wondering if y'all happened to see this? I know there have been many reports of "yellow tone" iPhone 7 displays. I think it's just how blue the LCD's have been in the past. I had an S7 Edge in basic mode (sRGB) and it literally looked yellow compared to my 6s...until I went back and forth a few times and realized that my 6s very much blue when displaying a white background. I believe that's the same thing happening here possibly? Pretty good results here! http://displaymate.com/iPhone7_ShootOut_1.htm

    Also about the brightess issue, they tested it and found it to reach 600 nits without high ambient light. When auto brightness was enabled, it reached 705 nits in high ambient light. You're only going to see the 25% difference outside with auto brightness activated when you compare a 7 and 6s display. 600 nits and 580 is too similar in an Apple store to draw any conclusion. It has to be outside.
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    Yes, everyone has seen it, it's been spammed all over the forums.

    If you go read the yellow-gate thread, you'll find that the yellow panels are defects, and that cool, blue, clear panels exist, which are 25% brighter without using auto brightness. So if you dont like the yellow panel, exchange it. Many, many reports of people getting new panels they like more.

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