Display off with any win partition/boot cd

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    Apr 8, 2010
    Hi all,
    I've got a big problem with my MBP.

    I've got a MacBookPro5,1 with Xp Bootcamp Partion (3.1) .
    Last week after open mac from OSX spleep mode, I can't saw nothing on monitor. My mac was running but the display was off. I've tried to restart my machine but I've found always the same problem.
    Ok the only thing was reset pram and that was what I did...Now my mac works fine in OSX...but not in Bootcamp!! My xp pro partition have the same problem...the machine is running but dispay is Off ( no apple light on back). I've tried to kill bootcamp partion but when I've tried to setup new windows installation from cd I can't see the display...I've tried maybie 50 times...sometimes I can see the display in bootcamp sometimes nothing..
    The last thing I've tried is to reinstall OSX and make Harware diagnostic tool from OSX DVD. This one did not found any hardware trouble...
    I've tried to boot with win7 cd boot, ubuntu cd boot but i've got always the same problem...display off..
    I've had bring my mac in apple assist. but they told me that my MBP hasn't hardware truble....so what????

    **************************************** *****
    Riepilogo hardware:

    Nome modello: MacBook Pro
    Identificatore modello: MacBookPro5,1
    Nome processore: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Velocità processore: 2,53 GHz
    Numero di processori: 1
    Numero totale di nuclei: 2
    Cache L2: 6 MB
    Memoria: 4 GB
    Velocità bus: 1,07 GHz
    Versione Boot ROM: MBP51.007E.B05
    Version SMC (sistema): 1.33f8
    Numero di serie (sistema): W88480H51GN
    Hardware UUID: CBA21530-6AD6-5350-B17D-152EA64D6DFC
    Sensore movimento improvviso:
    Stato: Abilitato

    Dati software di sistema:

    Versione sistema: Mac OS X 10.6.3 (10D573)
    Versione kernel: Darwin 10.3.0
    Volume d'avvio: MacPro
    Modalità di avvio: Normale
    Nome computer: MacBook Pro di Massimo Zorer
    Nome utente: Massimo Zorer (maxzor)
    Memoria virtuale sicura: Attivato
    Estensioni e Kernel a 64 bit: No
    Tempo trascorso dall'avvio: 1:26

    **************************************** *****

    Please someone help me
    P.S. sorry for my terrible english..
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    Apr 8, 2010

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